OUTSOURCING firm Alorica Philippines is expecting its revenues to grow 10-15% this year as demand from the retail and logistics industries requiring more customer service assistance swells.

This target outpaces the overall industry target of a 3.2-5.5% revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR) up to 2022, as reported by industry group Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP).

“There’s a lot of growth that we experience in other industries. To give an example, retail, logistics, health care — from customer service to tech support to online ordering,” Alorica Senior Vice-President Jojo Uligan said at an interview with ANC on Monday.

“The spike of people ordering online and having it delivered — we experience a lot of those as well. The growth will be coming from there.”

Mr. Uligan has not yet responded to requests for comparative growth rates from previous years.

Around 70-80% of Alorica employees work from home, Mr. Uligan said, noting that the measures set during the lockdown improved productivity.

The company will likely permanently retain a percentage of its workforce under WFH, depending on their client-requirements, he added.

IBPAP cut its revenue growth rate to reach $27.88-$29.09 billion in 2022 from the 3.5-7.5% CAGR forecast set in 2019.

Employment CAGR was cut to 2.7-5% from the previous 3-7% goal, which would mean 1.37-1.43 million full-time employees, or that the industry plans to add 130,000 jobs between 2021-2022.

Outsourcing companies that expected contraction last year represented four percent of the total employee headcount of IBPAP’s polled companies, which means that smaller firms with fewer contracts were hit harder by the effects of the pandemic on the economy.

Alorica Philippines employs 43,000 people. — Jenina P. Ibañez