DATA management company Veritas Technologies LLC is looking to take advantage of opportunities in the Philippine market, amid the rising interest of corporations, government agencies, and organizations in information management.
Veritas Managing Director for Asia South Region Ravi Rajendran said the company is targeting small and medium businesses and government agencies, aside from their current client base that includes banks and telecommunications companies.
“The reason why we see a lot of opportunity of the Philippines, I foresee an interest in information management,” Veritas Managing Director for Asia South Region Ravi Rajendran said in a media roundtable on Thursday.
Mr. Rajendran noted this is a trend not just in the Philippines but also in other Southeast Asian countries.
The company believes its multi-cloud solutions, which aims to serve heterogeneous storage and data environments of companies, is its advantage. The multi-cloud solution aims to help companies get to the cloud, from the cloud, or between various clouds.
Veritas has partnerships with cloud providers, including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and Amazon Web Services.
“We can provide solutions that can run on all types of software,” Reina E. Putong, senior business development manager at Wordtext Systems, Inc., the local distributor of Veritas, said.
Ms. Putong said they see big potential in serving the government with their data needs.
Veritas’ Mr. Rajendran noted there is an increase in governments’ interest in information management in the region.
“We’re starting to tap those institutions to address their concerns because they have multi-platform environment,” Ms. Putong said. — Patrizia Paola C. Marcelo