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Pure Energy, WWF-Philippines team up to promote hydropower

Posted on March 08, 2017

PURE ENERGY Holdings Corp. has partnered with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines to identify areas in the country where they can deploy renewable energy projects with focus on run-of-river hydropower.

“We are excited to work together with WWF-Philippines as our advocacy to provide every Filipino with clean renewable energy and sustainable water supply coincides with WWF’s mission,” said Dexter Y. Tiu, Pure Energy chairman and chief executive officer, in a statement on Tuesday.

Pure Energy said the projects would not only cut the country’s dependence on fossil fuels, but would become “institutional investment” in conserving the country’s remaining rainforests and virgin watershed areas.

“The collaboration between Pure Energy and WWF-Philippines promotes renewable energy and sustainable water supply, which will help transform the lives of local communities while taking care of the environment,” said Joel Palma, president and chief executive officer of WWF-Philippines.

Mr. Tiu said his company’s core value demands the preservation of the natural watershed environment to sustain energy and water resources while guaranteeing the viability of projects for the next hundred years.

He said the company’s three operating run-of-river hydropower plants, which are 90 years old, are proof of its priority and commitment to its stakeholders.

Under the partnership, WWF-Philippines and Pure Energy will handle a campaign called “Seize the Flow” in identifying areas where run-of-river hydropower can be used. The drive also aims to promote awareness of the advantages of hydropower and watershed preservation.

The campaign builds on WWF’s global platform launched in June 2013, which calls on financial institutions “to significantly increase their funding of renewable energy and cut fossil fuel funding.” -- Victor V. Saulon