Alleged ‘rent-tangay’ mastermind no-show in hearing, lawyer says she was in a meeting

Posted on April 11, 2017

THE Department of Justice (DoJ) on Monday resumed its probe on the so-called rent-tangay scheme wherein victims are duped into leasing their vehicles for several months while suspects have their vehicles pawned or sold to other persons. Alleged mastermind Rafaela M. Anunciacion was a no-show during the formal hearing, as her lawyer said she was in a meeting. The panel of prosecutors waited for Ms. Anunciacion, but eventually the third preliminary investigation hearing had to be adjourned with her absence. But she appeared at the DoJ past noon to submit her counter-affidavit reiterating that the complaints against her be dismissed since “they are bereft of any allegation of fraud or deceit which are the essential elements of that offense.” Meanwhile, respondent Tychicus Historillo Nambio, through his counsel, asked for more time to file counter-affidavits. The prosecutors set the next hearing on Monday, April 17. -- Kristine Joy V. Patag