Davao airport awaits aircon repairs, X-ray machines

Posted on December 16, 2013

DAVAO CITY -- Officials of the Davao International Airport (DIA) are banking on help from its parent agencies regarding its rehabilitation, considering the major repairs it needs.

For months now, the thousands of passengers who use the airport on a daily basis have had to literally sweat it out in the departure area while DIA officials await P3 million in funding to repair damaged air-conditioner compressors.

DIA gets at least 15,000 passengers from 60 commercial flights that fly in and out of the airport every day.

"We need P3 million for the repair of three big compressors, which have been used for almost 10 years now and are already very old," Agnes B. Udang, Davao airport manager of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

The funds are to be part of DIA’s 2014 budget. "We already asked [the central office] to include the amount in the budget," Ms. Udang said.

Meanwhile, her office has implemented contingency measures through stand-alone air conditioners in the lounge, she said.

Also, DIA has six X-ray machines, but only three are working as the other three are also damaged.

Ms. Udang said Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio A. Abaya had assured the airport that replacement X-ray machines have already been bid out. Since the machines are customized, DIA cannot just purchase the equipment anywhere and must wait for the supplier.

In the meantime, the airport management has to contend with manual inspection of baggages, Ms. Udang said. -- CAC