By Alden M. Monzon, Reporter

Start-up launches new free job matching site

Posted on April 17, 2015

A LOCAL tech start-up is planning to revolutionize the process of job recruitment in the Philippines by offering job notices for free, its chief executive officer said on Tuesday.

Kalibrr “job posts free forever, unlimited, no strings attached,” Kalibrr Ventures, Inc. Chief Operating Officer Dexter L. Gordon told reporters during the media launch of the platform of the same name. “We’re allowing companies to tell the Philippine market what jobs we have, what requirements they have with their jobs, and they can do so for free.”

Moreover, Kalibrr will open up its database to companies, making it the only platform to do so, he said.

The online job-matching platform also provides an integrated e-mail and SMS (short message service) features, allowing faster and more personal engagements between companies and candidates.

Kalibrr Ventures Founder and Chief Executive Officer Paul V. Rivera said the concept for Kalibrr came about in 2009 when he was still running a call center in Manila.

“The problem is [that] it’s hard for job seekers to find the right jobs for them. And for companies, me as an entrepreneur running this call center, it was hard to hire people with the right skills,” Mr. Rivera said during the same media event.

“In the Philippines, there’s a hundred million people out here, and in the Philippines 40 million people are employed yet 25% of our working population is underemployed,” he said further.

Upon signing up, job seekers will be able to edit their profiles online and apply through different job postings in the job board posted by companies looking for potential new hires.

Companies will be charged P50 per each candidate hired. Mr. Gordon said, adding that the company plans to generate other sources of income in the future.

“We’re planning to layer on additional features and products on top of our platform to help make HR (human resources) much more efficient for employers... We are planning to develop additional features to be able to generate diversified revenue streams,” Mr. Gordon said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Rivera that Kalibrr’s marketing strategy remains social-media driven, citing that 97% of the Philippines’ internet population has a Facebook account.

“When you think about it, how can you reach every single job seeker in the Philippines right now? I would say the best way to properly reach them is through social media,” he said.

By year end, Kalibrr is targeting to grow its job seeker base to 1 million and its employer base to around 20,000.