Job fair for health care workers attracts UAE, US, UK employers

Posted on July 28, 2017

HEALTH care companies and recruiters in the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and the United Kingdom are looking to hire thousands of Filipino health care professionals at a job fair here.

The potential employers took part in the Healthcare Event, which started yesterday and continues today at Marriott Hotel in Pasay City. The recruiting event was organized by Dubai’s Informa Life Sciences, in partnership with local firm Andrews Manpower Consulting, Inc.

Other potential destinations are Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, organizers said. The professionals being sought include nurses, medical technologists, speech pathologists, physical therapists and occupational therapists.

The two-day event also features briefings on recruitment processes and working conditions in the facilities offering jobs.

Vijaya Sen, group director of human resources for Zulekha Hospitals said that the new Zulekha facility in Dubai is looking for around 500 nurses, including staff nurses with five to 10 years’ experience.

Ms. Sen said that aside from nurses, she is also looking at eventually hiring doctors, particularly those specializing in internal medicine, gynecology, and pediatrics.

Ms. Sen also said that with the upcoming expansion of Zulekha Hospitals, opportunities in the fields of intensive care, radiation oncology, and in vitro fertilization are expected. She also added that more opportunities from the UAE will arise, given the forthcoming opening of 15 new hospitals in the UAE before 2020.

“We are looking at English communications skills, and Filipinos speak fluent English, so that is an added advantage,” Ms. Sen said in an interview.

Andrew Lingo, marketing director at health care staff provider Passport USA, said demand is growing outside big US cities like New York and Chicago.

“There is [greater] need for nurses, ...the aging of the population as well [adds to greater demand],” Mr. Lingo said in an interview.

Mr. Lingo added that Filipino nurses are educated in a way that “meets US standards.”

He said potential growth areas for the Philippines are occupational therapy and speech therapy.

“In the occupational and speech therapy [professions], the Philippines has the opportunity to bring in more graduates [of those fields], while for physical therapy, the Philippines has the opportunity to offer higher qualifications for professionals to make them eligible to work in the US,” Mr. Lingo said.

Amer Yar Khan, associate medical director at the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute & Research Center, said his newly built facility in Lahore is looking to hire 300 nurses, due to a shortage in domestic nurses.

“Our demand is high, and in our hospital, we want a multicultural system, with other nurses coming from Malaysia, South Africa, and others,” Mr. Khan said. -- Patrizia Paola C. Marcelo