Importers warned over vague declaration

Posted on October 29, 2015

THE BUREAU of Customs (BoC) has flagged several importers for failing to provide detailed descriptions for goods brought into the country.

In its latest Customs Watch ad published in newspapers yesterday, the bureau pointed out four foreign firms who failed to comply with the government’s rule covering import declarations.

Customs Memorandum Order (CMO) 28-2007 requires all companies to provide detailed descriptions of imported articles for the government to impose the right taxes.

“Importers are required to describe import entries in sufficient detail to enable articles to be identified under the proper tariff classification,” the notice reads. “Do importers follow this rule?”

Based on their import declarations for August, four firms only made use of one-word descriptions for their product shipments, against other companies who provided the full physical characteristics.

Those pointed out in the ad were Colgate Palmolive Philippines, Inc. for their hair products labeled as “conditioner,” Exas Philippines, Inc. for their “plastic,” Pishon Clark Philippines, Inc. for “fabric”, and Mobelhaus Philippines, Inc. for their “printboard MDF.”

Companies found violating CMO 28-2007 may face a warning for the first offense, a six-month suspension of accreditation for the second offense, and will be blacklisted come the third offense alongside the cancellation of their registration.

Last week, the Finance department called out importers of food items in their Tax Watch campaign to also pointed out disparities in product descriptions.

“Building the nation starts with proper declaration,” said the Finance department. -- Melissa Luz T. Lopez