Cain might be able to make history

Posted on October 29, 2012

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- San Francisco pitchers have baffled Detroit batters with back-to-back World Series shutouts, giving Matt Cain the chance to make history and complete a title sweep for the Giants.

Matt Cain #18 of the San Francisco Giants answers questions during World Series Media Day at AT&T Park. -- AFP
The Giants blanked Detroit 2-0 for the second game in a row yesterday to grab a three games to none lead in Major League Baseball’s best-of-seven final. No team has ever captured the World Series after losing the first three games.

But Cain vows he will start the potential title-clinching fourth game of the 108th World Series against Detroit just as if the Giants were not on the brink of capturing their second championship in three seasons.

“It doesn’t change anything,” Cain said. “You try to trick yourself into thinking it’s another game but your mind and body, they know what’s going on. It’s going to be a big game in the World Series whether we’re up 3-0 or 2-1. You’re going about it real focused and just trying to get the job done.”

The record for consecutive shutout victories in the World Series is three, accomplished by the 1966 Baltimore Orioles and 1905 New York Giants, who both did it in the last three Series games as San Francisco will attempt.

Game four matches right-handed 16-game winners Cain and Max Scherzer of Detroit, who also says it does not matter that his team is on the brink of being swept out.

“Regardless of where the series is at, it’s a must-win game,” Scherzer said. “I will come up with a plan of attack on how I want to go at their offense as best I can. When I go out there it will be business as usual for me.”

Giants manager Bruce Bochy said Cain will raise his game to match the drama of the moment.

“Great players... seem to play better when the club needs them,” Bochy said. “The higher the stakes, the more they do to elevate their game and I certainly would put Matt Cain in that class. -- AFP