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Understanding progressive education through Britesparks’s ‘by-design’ curriculum

Posted on June 02, 2017

It’s almost back-to-school season. For sure, most parents are busier than ever, ticking the boxes on their to-do list–from preparing for enrolment to purchasing school requirements, among other items.

But for some, the adventure has just begun; which is to search for the best school that will fit their kid’s needs. “Do I go traditional or progressive?”–A seemingly difficult question that needs the best answer for parents to get past the first item on their checklist.

In today’s reality, things are becoming more competitive by the minute, resulting in higher demands and standards in education. The options are growing, which makes the decision-making process all the more complex. But as the world is becoming more modern and fast-paced, the choice to go progressive is growing as well.

Parents who choose this approach admit to wanting to prepare their child to the real world, for them to be more open-minded, creative, and to realize their own potentials at a pace that won’t turn them off to learning; in short, to learn and enjoy studying sans cookie-cutter curriculum.

These are what institutions such as Britesparks International School (Britesparks) seek to provide: through a variety of unconventional, Department of Education-compliant methods, this school aims to provide the building blocks to future leaders and entrepreneurs, equipped with the necessary skills to succeed wherever their aspirations take them, whether here or anywhere else in the world.

Britesparks was established in 2000 as a progressive preschool center in Quezon City. Since then, it has grown into an institution that offers complete courses, from the basic level to pre-college academic strands.

“The school’s multifaceted approach to learning is seen in our student body, a mix of children from different cities and countries, allowing for more exposure to different people and lifestyles. The small class sizes also provide a more conducive learning environment, allowing teachers to implement more personalized teaching methods to students,” explained Britesparks School President Veronica Co.

The school's commitment is reflected in its ongoing efforts in seeking Cambridge and International Baccalaureate accreditation, further uplifting the quality of education it provides.

Inclusive Program
As a progressive school, Britesparks–although not being a Special Education school per se–implements a notably inclusive program, which accepts children with special needs.

“This is premised on the idea that allowing these children a chance to be treated as 'normal', as well as exposing them to normal conditions as much as possible, helps them to adapt accordingly, But, of course, these are subject to certain conditions and special agreements with parents,” Co added.

Britesparks follows a curriculum based on international standards that challenges its students with ambitious but achievable goals. Topics within subject areas are carefully articulated to ensure that there is a clear progression as students move to a higher level.

Understanding by Design
To provide a richer or integrated learning experience to its students, the academic budget for each level in Britesparks is divided into different thematic units. This approach enables students to learn the value of relational understanding over instrumental understanding. The former empowers students by making them confident even when faced with unfamiliar situations, new environments or even more difficult lessons.

“We make this approach possible through the use of Understanding by Design or what we call UbD in planning our learning units. Overall, the curricular efforts in our school brings authentic education that are based on what can prepare our students to go further in continuing studies, life, career and business,” Co continued.

The school also maximizes its simultaneous use of fun and development, with purposive array of activities and programs it offers to students: Summer camps, campus tours, among others, allow students to explore different learning areas, improve their interpersonal skills, and increase understanding of things at a fundamental level.

“This forms part of our vision to empower our students and offer them an outstanding and accessible international school experience that allow them to grow, develop their characters, and build a strong foundation for a productive and successful life ahead,” Co said.

This, among many other progressions in education, makes institutions such as Britesparks International School the perfect option for parents who want to see their children find their place in the world, and succeed in it.