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By Victor V. Saulon

Outsourcing firm opens in PHL, looks to hire 500

Posted on March 22, 2016

SERVICESOURCE International, Inc., a newcomer in the local knowledge process outsourcing industry, expects its business to grow strongly in the Philippines as it forecasts more companies worldwide to shift to subscription- and cloud-based solutions.

“We’re at the early stages of a growth market,” said Christopher M. Carrington, chief executive officer of ServiceSource during the inauguration of the company’s two-floor Philippine office at Bonifacio Global City yesterday.

ServiceSource describes itself as a global leader in customer and revenue lifecycle solutions, a segment of the knowledge process outsourcing industry that broadly analyzes data to grow and retain revenues from existing customers.

Since December last year, the company has been hiring employees with experience in dealing with customers in Europe and North America. It is now staffed with a hundred employees, the average age of which are in their 30s -- older than the industry average of around 23- to 24-years-old.

“We’re very really excited about this, that’s why we’re looking to hire 500 employees here,” he said of the company’s fourth location in Asia-Pacific and its 11th globally.

By the end of the year, the company’s target local headcount, should exceed those of Singapore’s 200 and Yokohama’s 100. It has 700 employees in Kuala Lumpur.

“We started hiring people and making offers in mid-December. Then they went into their training course, interactive with their peer employees across the globe over the course of the next two months. Now they’re supporting customers across the globe,” Brian Delaney, ServiceSource chief operating officer, said.

ServiceSource caters to business-to-business (B2B) enterprises by first working closely with each of them, understanding the unique challenges of their customers, their business and their data. It then develops a “revenue relationship business plan” tailored for each client.

“[In the Philippines], we’re probably supporting 10 different businesses around the world right now and it will probably go to 20 and a little more,” Mr. Delaney said, placing the global number at around 80 businesses.

“As more and more businesses migrate their products to the cloud where it’s a subscription model and it’s easier for businesses to switch from product to product… we think there’s an opportunity to grow very rapidly,” he said.

Mr. Carrington expects the revenue lifecycle management industry to grow by a “mid- to high-single-digit” in the next one to 3 years and by a double-digit as more companies shift to subscription-based cloud economy.

NASDAQ-listed ServiceSource, which posted revenues of $250 million in 2015, has been focused on customer revenue retention and expansion for at least 15 years. It has more than 3,000 employees worldwide covering around 40 languages.