ELECTION 2013: Established party-lists lead survey

Posted on April 15, 2013

NAME RECALL, as in the contest for the so-called Senate “Magic 12,” also appears to be a significant factor in the party-list race with 11 out of 13 groups seen likely to gain more than one seat already having tasted membership in the House of Representatives.

A Social Weather Station-BusinessWorld (SWS-BW) survey conducted last month found 13 organizations poised to take up 25 slots, having garnered the support of at least 2% of the respondents, while 33 others could win one each.

Topping the list was Bayan Muna (8.68%) and the Gabriela Women’s Party (Gabriela, 5.55%), which the SWS said could get the maximum three seats each based on allocation rules.

Following, and likely to get two seats each, were:

• Akbayan Citizen’s Action (Akbayan, 3.71%);

• OFW Family Club, Inc. (OFW Family, 3.6%);

• Coalition of Associations of Senior Citizens in the Philippines, Inc. (Senior Citizens, 3.52%);

• Advocacy For Teacher Empowerment Through Action Cooperation and Harmony Towards Educational Reforms (A Teacher, 3.45%);

• Magdalo Para sa Pilipino (Magdalo, 2.83%);

• Abono (2.6%);

• An Waray (2.49%); and

• Anakpawis (2.45%).

One guaranteed seat each, meanwhile, could go to the Ang Laban Ng Indiginong Filipino (ALIF, 2.2%), Abante Mindanao, Inc. (ABAMIN, 2.14%) and Kabataan (2.03%).

Of the 13, all but OFW Family and Magdalo are already in the outgoing 15th Congress.

Based on a 2009 Supreme Court ruling, groups meeting the 2% rule will receive House seats in proportion to their share of the total party-list votes, up to a maximum of three.

For the succeeding allocation round, the percentage is multiplied by the remaining available seats, in this case 45 -- the difference between the 58 maximum seats reserved under the party-list system and the 13 guaranteed to the two-percenters. The result, subject to the three-seat cap, sets the additional seats to be given to the party-list group.

Finally, one seat is assigned to the parties next in rank until all available slots are distributed.

Using survey topnotcher Bayan Muna as an example, its 8.68% of the vote, being above 2%, means it automatically gets one seat. Its possible additional seats is computed as follows: (58-13) x 0.0868 = 3.906.

As decimals are disregarded, and three is the maximum number of seats a group can get, Bayan Muna is entitled to two more.

With the survey results giving 25 seats to the top 13 parties, the SWS said the remaining 33 seats would be allocated to the groups next in rank, which based on the poll are:

• Ako Bicol (AKB, 1.81%);

• Bayani (1.69%),

• You Against Corruption and Poverty (YACAP, 1.62%);

• Agriculture Sector Alliance of the Philippines (AGAP, 1.58%);

• Una Ang Pamilya (1 ANG PAMILYA, 1.56%);

• Abang Lingkod (1.38%);

• Aangat Tayo (1.32%);

• Citizens’ Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC), 1.31%);

• 1st Consumers Alliance for Rural Energy (1-CARE, 1.26%);

• Bantay (1.22%);

• Pinagkaisang Samahan ng mga Tsuper at Operaytor Nationwide (Piston, 1.16%);

• Buhay (1.12%);

• Adhikaing Tinataguyod ng Kooperatiba (Ating Koop, 1.1%);

• Abante Katutubo (Abante KA. 1.08%);

• Coop-NATCCO (1.07%);

• Association of Philippine Electric Cooperatives (APEC, 0.97%);

• Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP, 0.92%);

• Alay Buhay Community Development Foundation,Inc. (Alay Buhay, 0.91%);

• Sanlakas (0.9%);

• Akap Bata Sectoral Organization for Children, Inc. (Akap Bata, 0.83%);

• Isang Pangarap ng Bahay sa Bagong Buhay ng Maralitang Kababayan Inc. (1-PABAHAY, 0.79%);

• A Action Moral & Values Recovery Reform Philippines Inc. (1-AAMover, 0.78%);

• ACT Teachers (0.77%);

• Isang Alyansang Aalalay Sa Pinoy Skilled Workers (1-AALALAY, 0.73%);

• Ating Guro (0.72%);

• LPG Marketers Association, Inc. (LPGMA, 0.69%);

• Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD, 0.68%);

• Alyansang Bayanihan ng mga Magsasaka, Manggagawang Bukid at Mangingisda (ABA, 0.66%);

• Binhi-Partido Ng Mga Magsasaka para Sa Mga Magsasaka (BINHI, 0.65%);

• Agri-Agra na Reporma para sa Magsasaka ng Pilipinas Movement (AGRI, 0.65%),

• Bagong Henerasyon (BH, 0.567%);

• Kalinga-Advocacy For Social Empowerment And Nation Building Through Easing Poverty, Inc. (Kalinga, 0.562%); and

• Pasang Masda Nationwide, Inc. (Pasang Masda, 0.55%).

The names in the SWS-BW survey are based on those listed in the Commission on Elections (Comelec) Web site prior to the conduct of the March 15-17 poll. A total of 136 party-list groups are in the official ballot.

Republic Act 7941 or the Party-List Act of 1995 states that 20% of the House must be made up of members from “marginalized and underrepresented sectors, organizations and parties, and who lack well-defined political constituencies.”

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court widened the scope of the system by ruling that national and regional parties or organizations need not represent the marginalized and that “sectoral parties or organizations may either be ‘marginalized and underrepresented’ or lacking in ‘well-defined political constituencies’.” The high court ruled on a petition filed by 52 groups that have been previously disqualified by the Comelec.

The March 15-17 2013 SWS-BW pre-election survey was conducted using face-to-face interviews of 1,200 registered voters nationwide.