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The need for speed -- and style

Posted on October 13, 2014

KEEPING UP with the latest makeup trends without burning a hole in their customers’ pockets is the strategy of Australian brand BYS Cosmetics. It is leading the way in providing affordable glamour with makeup products that are up to date with the latest fashion trends, but are not as expensive as the premium labels available in the market.

BYS Cosmetics founder Ed Aitken was in Manila last month to check on the growing market for quality but affordable makeup products in the Philippine market.

“One of the biggest strengths of BYS is its ability to develop new products and take them to market at an affordable price. We regularly visit the US and Europe to scout for new trends. We also keep in close touch with our network of worldwide distributors so we can tailor specific products for specific markets,” Mr. Aitken told Manila-based reporters in an interview last month.

“We’ve realized that speed to market is essential. Our overseas buying team works very closely with the factories in coming out with products and getting them to BYS stores quickly. We want to further reduce this lead time so we recently reorganized our company based in Melbourne,” he added.

So while similar products are available in makeup stores for hundreds of dollars, BYS can come up with a product of similar quality for up to 50% less, thanks to the company’s vast network of suppliers and product developers around the globe.

“Before embarking on the cosmetics industry, we had many years of experience in fashion accessories, which constantly change through the fashion seasons. In that industry, we succeeded in developing the most fashionable offer possible at a more affordable price,” Mr. Aitken said.

“We adopted the same philosophy when we ventured into the cosmetic industry. BYS has proven that it is possible to produce innovative cosmetics without exorbitant price tags. Our affordable leading edge products have created a loyal base of followers and brand devotees. We hope to continue increasing our market share by remaining true to this vision,” he said.

The company official said BYS is now in over 30 countries -- with the whole of Europe under contract.

“Australia remains our biggest market but we have effectively penetrated Asia with Thailand and the Philippines leading the way. Both these markets have taken over Japan. In Europe, France and Switzerland are proving to be good growth markets. We recently made our first deliveries to Germany,” he said.

Mr. Aitken said BYS appeals to women in the 15- to 40-year-old segment.

“We have over 1,000 products within the BYS range. For the eyes alone, we have over 100 products in 12 categories. We have regular black and brown pencils and also neon ones. We are also big on nails with over 400 shades and still counting. At the same time, we have a mineral makeup line that has no dyes and preservatives,” he said.

“BYS satisfies every type of woman with items that don’t just follow current trends but also help create them,” he added.

Angie Goyena, general manager of iFace Philippines, claims that BYS now has the largest range of products and colors in the local makeup market. iFace is the official distributor of BYS in the Philippines.

Ms. Goyena said that since iFace introduced BYS in the market about three years ago, the Australian brand has been one of the most popular makeup labels in the Watsons chain of stores in the Philippines.

Among the new products now available in the 120 BYS outlets throughout the Philippines in SM and Watsons stores are foundation primers that prepares the skin for makeup. “By providing extra moisture and protection, it allows makeup to glide on easily to the skin and also makes blending a cinch,” Ms. Goyena explained.

The BYS foundation primer comes in variants that tackle skin concerns: hydrating to fight dry skin, brightening to combat dull skin, color correction to even out skin tone, and luminizing to give a natural glow.

Ms. Goyena said BYS also has a liquid Illuminator strobe, which is a similar product that produces a pearlized, dewy effect on the skin. She said a light application results in a luminous and healthy glow.

“It’s sheer and lightweight on the skin and can be used to highlight cheeks and brow bones,” Ms. Goyena said.

She said BYS also has a product called lip tar, which is another cosmetic innovation now taking the market by storm.

She said it can be used sparingly as a tint or full-on to provide maximum coverage. “Although it has a matte finish, it never cracks. It looks best on a bare face so the attention gets focused on the lips,” Ms. Goyena said. -- JOV