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8Cuts simplifies its choices

Posted on November 10, 2016

WHILE 8CUTS by the Moment Group once boasted of using eight cuts of beef for five burger blends, the restaurant has now decided to pare down its choices between just two burger blends: The Grass Fed, using sirloin, round tip, flank, short plate, and chuck; and the House Blend, using short rib, rib eye, and brisket -- that’s still a total of eight cuts.

The new burgers were launched in a tasting last Tuesday in the Moment Group’s new headquarters in 2316 Karrivin Plaza in Chino Roces Ext. The new headquarters boast of its Mess Hall (the company’s cafeteria), which will be open to the public for lunch from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. One’s mouth might water about this company’s cafeteria fare: this is the company behind Manam, Linguini, Fini, Phat Pho, Ooma, and Mecha Uma, as well as the holders of the local franchise of Din Tai Fung. The Company’s Test Kitchen is a small events space for the company and for rent for small private parties.

When asked about the changes to the menu, Brand Manager Ian Palabyab said: “We wanted to streamline everything,” he said. “We kept everyone’s favorites, but then we also wanted something new to offer to everyone else.” The burger blends are touted as lean and clean for the grass-fed, and mean and meaty for the house blend. There is a difference: while the house blend does taste juicier, and has a richer texture, the grass-fed blend has a more honest beef flavor profile.

8Cuts also slyly fed guests off the menu items: while one can order (or should order) onion rings, you can wink at a server and ask for flavored onion rings.

“In case you’re not satisfied for some reason, we always have off-the-menu items as well,” said Mr. Palabyab. Apparently, the secret menu items are “whispered” to regulars, who then tell their friends about it. But then, said Maita Quesada, Group Public Relations Head for The Moment Group, “When you’re in 8Cuts, you can always ask the server if there’s anything new that’s not on the menu.” -- J. L. Garcia