RUSSIAN HOMEBUILDER PIK said new construction technologies can be used in the Philippines to deliver sustainable homes.

One of these is modular production, or the building of materials at prefabrication lines before transporting the built structures onsite.

“Investing in prefabrication factories improves the quality of standardized materials, ensures cost-effectiveness, and increases worker safety,” Gasan Guseynov, PIK head project manager for international development, said in a statement.  

He noted the Philippines can benefit from prefab homes as these are low-cost and can withstand natural disasters.

While PIK has yet to bring its expertise in modular production to the Philippines, the company has the most advanced prefab production lines in Europe.  

Mr. Guseynov said the Philippine companies should also invest more in research and development of construction technologies to ensure sustainable carbon neutrality and energy efficiency.

“Being internationally competitive requires innovation. Research and development creates smarter construction processes and techniques, making it easier for us to build quality urban environments,” he said.

PIK has launched One Sierra, its first project in the Philippines.