Philippine startup Gasmee Corporation Philippines launched today their on-demand fuel-delivery service, catering to customers in Rizal and Cebu, with plans for expansion later this year.

Announced during the 2019 PW Asia Conference, this service aims to streamline the refeuling needs of busy professionals, households, and fleet owners.

Users will be able to order and pay for their fuel all from Gasmee’s mobile app. CEO Christian Jon Rillera and Managing Partner Michael Martens see individuals benefitting from the convenience of their on-demand service, while business operators in the transportation field can better streamline their workflows, and their bottom lines, with Gasmee.

According to Rillera, Gasmee offers competitive pricing, subscription benefits, smart metering, and efficient demand-based order management. Its mobile app is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android devices, with an iOS app currently in development.