CHECK POINT Software Technologies Ltd. recently launched its newest addition to its product line CloudGuard, which features an agentless solution.

CloudGuard Dome9 is the latest addition to the company’s CloudGuard line, a line of products focused on protecting cloud systems from more complex attacks.

With CloudGuard Dome9, when a firm transitions to a public cloud, it can be used to visualize and assess the security state of a company, detect misconfigurations, implement the best security practices, and protect the company from data theft and data loss. This system is already used by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Check Point is an Israeli multinational software provider which combines hardware and software products for informational technology security. Last year, it acquired Dome9, a Tel Aviv-based start-up focusing on cloud infrastructure security.

“This is an agentless solution. When we first started out, we thought, hey, let’s make it agent, and that was fine when there were only four different instances we needed to worry about. But now it has grown to 300 and swelling to many more to try to keep an agent to accommodate. It’s falling,” Grant Asplund, cloud evangelist of Check Point, said during a recent media briefing held in Makati City.

“We went back and thought we need to rebuild this solution that is agentless,” he added.

Compliance is also a major aspect that CloudGuard Dome9 keeps an eye on. Since this is a continuous interrogation of whether your company is compliant, there should be a system that continuously checks your system for any diversion, the official said. The solution is able to provide a list, and statistics of all activities and problems, among others.

“What’s more is we provide with what we call a playground, so you can go and create your rule, go to the playground and run that rule, and make sure there are no errors and then deploy it in your environment,” Mr. Grant added. “You don’t have to have a developer. This is something that just regular people can do.”

“We are confident that Check Point’s cloud security solutions, with its unified approach to managing complex and multi-vendor cloud implementations, is the panacea to secure infrastructure for organizations,” Evan Dumas, regional director for Southeast Asia of Check Point, said in a statement. — Vincent Mariel P. Galang