FOOD COMPANY Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF) has partnered with a subsidiary of United Laboratories, Inc. (Unilab) on a coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection control program that ensures the safety and health of its employees.

In a disclosure to the stock exchange on Wednesday, CNPF said that it had collaborated with RelianceUnited on a program that focuses on the long-term adoption of occupational safety and health measures, which includes future measures to limit the impact of the virus.

RelianceUnited’s corporate clinic services provider, ActiveOne, will be in charge of the said health program.

“Managing the risk of COVID-19 is more than just about testing. It is about delivering a comprehensive infection control program that triages symptomatic employees and monitors them at home, and assures those who go in that their work environment is kept safe.” RelianceUnited President David San Pedro said.

The program consists of three components that address critical requirements of CNPF’s workforce and business operations to push through despite the pandemic.

The first component is the availability of a telemedicine hotline service for CNPF employees. Services under the said program component include telephone-based medical consultation and triaging, diagnostic testing, and daily monitoring of employee condition for any progression or regression.

The second component is the application of a COVID-19 facilities and process risk assessment for CNPF’s headquarters, select manufacturing facilities, and common operational activities. This aims to ensure that risks of COVID-19 exposure and infection are tracked down and immediately addressed.

Guidelines on social distancing, hygiene, and disinfection will also be implemented to CNPF’s facilities, and the company’s employees will also be trained on the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPEs) and proper personal care to reduce the risk of infection.

The last component is the availability of individual testing, medical assessment, treatment for employees, and the provision of a personal health protection plan for high-risk employees.

“As we continue to work to make essential food products available for our consumers, we stand behind our employees ensuring that we are able to provide the best available health and safety program for them especially during these challenging times,” CNPF Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Gregory Francis H. Banzon said. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave