Action, agility, and empathy

By Pia Rodrigo
In mid-2021, upon the suggestion of one of its senior fellows, Action for Economic Reforms (AER) decided to refresh the organization’s brand identity.

Enemies, seen and unseen

By Romeo L. Bernardo
Last Monday, I escorted my wife Amina to the Peace Partners’ Recognition Day 2022 held by the Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace, Reconciliation and Unity (OPAPRU) at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

Sri Lanka has fallen. Will other economies follow?

By Andrew J. Masigan
Financial crises have a domino effect. A seemingly small event in one country can have far-reaching consequences around the world. We’ve seen it in the 1997’s Asian Financial Crisis and again in the global financial crisis of 2009.

Middle-class morality

By Amelia H. C. Ylagan
A student of Economics asked, “How do you think the election (results) will affect the middle class? They say when the economy declines the middle-class shrinks. Although I’m already assuming the economy will decline.”

Remembering the past

By Luis V. Teodoro
In addition to reports on Election Day events, some media organizations also try to explain the results of every election. They interview the responsible members of election watch groups, political scientists and other academics, and, if some issues whether legal or otherwise have arisen, lawyers and other professionals.

Policy vacuum and Stratbase ADR’s Beyond the Crisis…

By Diwa C. Guinigundo
The question could not have been more appropriate, and it was Boo Chanco of The Philippine Star who asked it last Wednesday: “Where’s the beef?” It was not one of those questions that Marcos’ fanatics should lambast in social media. It was an honest ordinary citizen’s query on how do we move from here, and in the next six years. Where’s the plan?

Testing public-private partnership in crop insurance to boost Filipino farmers’ resilience

By Rosemarie F. Marquez
IN THE PHILIPPINES, farming is a risky business. The country is battered by an average of 20 typhoons a year and as the storms become more intense due to climate change, the stakes get bigger for Filipino farmers, who make up a quarter of the country’s workforce.

A Marcosian reset of Philippine foreign policy

By Jemy Gatdula
Some Filipino commentators expressed skepticism at presumptive president Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.’s foreign policy. Some even downright question whether he actually has a foreign policy. Such apparently is due to BBM supposedly refraining from attending several debates or media interviews. Apparently, for such commentators, foreign policy should be formulated before a live studio audience.

Making the case against bad profits via shrinkflation and the case for customer love

By Darci Darnell
IN MANY PARTS of the world, inflation is climbing quickly, including in the US, where I live and where inflation is now north of...

Elon Musk is acting like Henry Ford. Uh-Oh.

By Stephen Mihm
AS ELON MUSK tries to add the social media giant Twitter to his expanding empire, he’s seeming a bit busy. When he’s not starting...