Ending persistent poverty

THE International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is annually commemorated on Oct. 17 to raise awareness about the need to end global poverty in all its forms everywhere. This year’s theme, “Building Forward Together: Ending Persistent Poverty, respecting all People and our Planet,” offers an opportunity to recognize those who are at the forefront of fighting poverty against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects of climate change.

Cooperating with the world to achieve a net-zero future

AS THE COVID-19 pandemic ravages the world, carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere keep setting record highs.

Energy prices, climate spending and NGCP

The bad energy supply situation in Europe, China, and India has worsened as evidenced by continued rise in prices of key energy commodities. This column discussed this topic three weeks ago.* 

The economic mistakes of the Duterte administration

This article is not meant to denigrate the economic achievements of the Duterte administration, nor to say the administration has achieved nothing but blunders. In fact, from a structural standpoint, the previous administration committed more grievous sins: extending the monopoly of the National Food Authority (NFA) and killing the initiative to change the economic provisions of the Constitution.

Bring vaccines to the provinces

Even though national supply is lacking, the government must find a concrete plan of action that will equitably distribute the vaccines. The COVID-19 vaccine rollout and deployment in the Philippines cannot ignore the needs of those places outside the main urban centers. The current spread of the virus has affected the whole archipelago, especially the geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas.

How Filipinos can succeed in creative industries and global markets

In an environment where Filipino manufacturers are hard-pressed to compete due to high manufacturing costs, those who thrive must be celebrated and emulated.

Education is a powerful enabler to mitigate the climate crisis

CLIMATE CHANGE poses the biggest existential threat to humanity. As world leaders prepare to renew their pledge to combat the crisis amid increasingly frequent natural hazards and the raging pandemic, one measure that so far remains grossly under-tapped is the transformative role that education can play in mitigating climate change.

Fighting dinosaurs with technology

Corruption is like dinosaurs. Dinosaurs varied in size — they could be incredibly huge, the biggest seemed to be the Argentinosaurus which was placed at about 40 meters in length, weighing 100 metric tons, or relatively small like the Microraptor, approximating the size of a crow.

Commedia dell’arte

The commedia dell’arte (comedy of art) was a dramatic form that developed in 16th century Italy that eventually spread throughout Europe. It had stock characters and a predictable plot line.

Thoughts on change

Controversies whirl about like wild hurricanes. We are bombarded incessantly with nerve wracking news (real and fake) on social media — the health crisis with the rising numbers, the lockdown levels, the lists of confusing pros and antis. We listen to and watch the chaotic blunders in the political scene. There are scandals and exposés.