When a CEO bypasses HR to hire an executive

A husband and wife were planning their budget. “Let’s start with the basic necessities — food, clothing, and shelter. Clearly, we need to choose food and shelter.” In your case, when you’re bypassed by the boss, you have to choose between your job and self-respect.

Special SC session called for Biden vaccine rules

THE US SUPREME COURT (SC) said it would hear arguments on an expedited basis on President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.’s coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) shot-or-test rule for large employers and his separate vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

Employee motivation starts with a morale survey

I’m the human resource (HR) manager of a small factory with 130 workers. We have a high turnover rate now approaching the 25% mark. That’s across all jobs, including line supervisors and managers. What’s the quick solution to help stem the exodus? — Yellow Submarine.

Good work-life balance the determining factor for US firm’s choice of Baguio for PHL...

Aumni, a Utah-based investment analytics firm, has chosen to set up its Philippine office in Baguio City. Northern Luzon’s untapped talent pool, as well as a better work-life balance, were cited as the reasons for this “intentional choice.” 

A growing sense of agency are among the human behavior trends shaping 2022  

Five major shifts in human behavior will shape the world coming into the new year, according to the Fjord Trends 2022 report by Accenture, a global professional services company. The dominant theme – after two years of disruption – is the need to respond to the changes in how people relate to the planet, technology, brands, and each other.  

How to avoid problem employees

ELBONOMICS: Problem employees are created by problem managers. We are an upstart business with 15 workers. Aside from doing background checks on new hires, what...

DTI, Jobstreet tie up to offer free job postings to MSMEs

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has entered into a partnership with JobStreet, an online job portal, to provide free job ad postings...

Google to sack staff who refuse to comply with vaccine policies

Google has threatened to reduce pay or even fire staff who fail to comply with internal policies on Covid 19 vaccinations, CNBC reported, citing internal...

WB flags job quality issues as labor market recovers

THE labor force continues to face pandemic-related challenges including the disproportionate impact of the public health crisis across gender lines and the urban-rural divide,...

Few Europeans want a return to 9-5 at office after pandemic

BERLIN — Only 14% of European workers want to return to the office 9-5, and more than half say they have become more productive...