Capitalizing on remote work, US cities draw in tech workers

NEW YORK — At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jaleesa Garland, a marketing manager at an e-commerce startup, came across an opportunity to relocate from the San Francisco Bay Area to Tulsa, Oklahoma — a city previously not on her radar.

Questions to ask before accepting a job offer

A truck driver was backing his dump truck full of construction materials when the truck tilted towards the rear due to the excess weight of its load, lifting the front several feet off the ground. Both the driver and his assistant jumped out.

SC defends bar exams after DoLE seeks review of certification tests

CHIEF JUSTICE of the Supreme Court (SC) Alexander G. Gesmundo said the bar examinations are necessary for filtering out unsuitable candidates for the legal profession, after Secretary of the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) Silvestre H. Bello III’s remarks about the need to study the certification process of certain professions.

UN warns excluding women from top jobs threatens COVID-19 recovery

LONDON — Global efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic are under threat because women are being excluded from critical decision-making roles, the United Nations (UN) said on Thursday.

Understanding a boss who delays decisions 

Two sidewalk vendors were talking at a street corner when a nun with her arm in a sling crossed in front of them. One of the vendors called out to her: “Good morning, sister! What happened to you?” The nun explained that she had slipped in the bathtub and broke her arm. The vendor turned to ask his fellow: “What’s a bathtub?”

Advancing gender parity in workplaces of all sizes

Businesses of all sizes can and should contribute to gender parity initiatives. “Too often, SMEs [small and medium enterprises] are ‘frightened’ of the larger gender equality advocacy due to the scale of finance, logistics, and strategic planning associated with it. In our observation, these advocacies need not be complex,” said Ma. Aurora “Boots” D. Geotina-Garcia, co-chair of the Philippine Business Coalition for Women Empowerment (PBCWE), via e-mail. 

SSS says process improvements to improve loan payment scheme

THE Social Security System (SSS) said it is seeking to upgrade the process for administering loans, chiefly via the use of the payment reference number (PRN) in salary, calamity, emergency and restructured loan payments.

US businesses struggle to find willing workers

SANTA CRUZ, Calif./WASHINGTON — Loading riders onto the Giant Dipper, California’s oldest roller coaster and the star attraction of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, is not how Karl Rice thought he’d be spending his summer.

Remodeling the apprenticeship program

The apprenticeship program under the Labor Code bears many limitations; in the opinion of some people managers, it is outdated. We need to understand that the Labor Code is intended to promote the interests of the workers, who could be exploited by employers. That’s the reason why an apprenticeship program and its mechanics must be approved by the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE).

English language teachers are in demand — online job portal

Online job search portal JobStreet recently shared that the most popular job opportunities for fresh graduates are in the education sector, which represents 21% of the vacancies waiting to be filled. Many...