Calling all applicants for world’s largest women-focused startup competition

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The Philippines has long been lauded for having one of the narrowest gender-gaps in the world. But, unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the tech industry.

The local startup ecosystem remains dominated by men, who comprise a whopping 72 percent of founders. And that’s to the detriment of not only women, but the startup community as a whole — with some studies showing that female-founded startups outperform their male-run counterparts in terms of revenue, ringing in as much as $68,000 more over a five-year period.

That’s why She Loves Tech, the world’s largest women and technology focused competition, is coming back to the Philippines for its second run, taking place on August 3, 2019 at QBO Innovation Hub. Deadline for applications is set for July 1, 2019.
She Loves Tech is a global initiative showcasing the convergence of the latest trends in technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and the opportunities it creates for women.

“We’ve been vigilant in our efforts to improve the participation of female founders in the startup ecosystem through our Startup Pinay program, and we’re happy to be furthering this push by continuing our support for She Loves Tech” says Katrina Chan, Director of QBO Innovation Hub.

As the world’s largest women and technology startup competition held in over ten countries, She Loves Tech’s global startup competition is designed to give the world’s most promising women tech entrepreneurs and women impact startups a unique opportunity to showcase their businesses to a global audience of investors and influencers.

She Loves Tech’s goal is to provide a platform for international and Chinese tech companies, investors, entrepreneurs, startups and consumers together, to promote technology for women and technology by women.

“Last year’s winner, Olivia, with the support of DOST did the Philippines proud in the global competition. I’m looking forward to meeting the startups who will vie for the prize this year and seeing more lady bosses take the stage.” Chan said


The winners of the Philippine round will receive a trip to Beijing, China where they will attend the She Loves Tech 2019 International Conference, participate in a week-long boot camp, secure a spot to pitch on the international stage, and gain numerous networking opportunities with China’s leading tech ecosystem players.

The winners from the local round of each country will receive the following prizes:

Startup Booster Pack – An exclusive mentorship from leading investors and industry experts, consulting services, fast-track entry to partner programs, media exposure, workspaces, and more

China – Global Tech & Innovation Hub – A trip to Beijing, China where they will receive a spot to pitch on an international stage at She Loves Tech 2019 International Conference, and participate in a specially curated boot camp consisting of company visits to leading technology companies and numerous networking opportunities with China’s tech ecosystem players

Investment Opportunities – Teja Ventures, a venture capital fund with a gender lens and She Loves Tech’s official venture partner, and other affiliate funds will be actively looking to invest in the top startups coming out of the global competition

Global Network – Access to an interconnected community of technology startups from all over the world


The criteria for startups who can participate in this competition are:

1. STAGE: Seeking Angel, Seed or A round funding (under US$5m funding raised) with, at minimum, a viable product past its conceptual stage

2. FOCUS: (a) Any entrepreneur, male or female, who is using technology to impact women positively:

  • Are a significant proportion of end-users or consumers female?
  • Are products specifically designed with women users in mind?
  • Does the product itself address a problem that disproportionately affects women?


(b) At least one female entrepreneur must be part of the founding team who is using technology to solve a problem

3. TECHNOLOGY: The use of science and innovation to invent useful things to solve problems, particularly in these verticals:

  • FinTech
  • AI & Big Data
  • Internet of Things
  • MedTech
  • Clean Energy
  • AgriTech
  • EdTech
  • ConsumerTech

Once again, the deadline for applications for the Philippine round of She Loves Tech 2019 Global Startup Competition is on July 1, 2019, with the local round of the competition taking place on August 3, 2019 at QBO Innovation Hub.
For more information, check the rules and regulations at or email