BusinessWorld Discussions | Episode 03 | Arlynn Camorongan and Marigail Esteban

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PODCAST | Discussion with Arlynn Camorongan and Marigail Esteban

Before they drove for Grab, both Arlynn Camorongan and Marigail Esteban taught for a living — the first as a lecturer at a tourism school, and the second as a trainer for a business process outsourcing firm.

But now, Arlynn and Marigail are Grab’s partner-drivers.

When not behind the wheel, Arlynn spends her time with her family and looks after her baby, just like any regular mom.

The same could be said about Marigail, who also works as a financial adviser in her spare time. Sometimes, she’s even sold several insurance policies to her customers, she said.

BusinessWorld sat down with these two female drivers to talk about life with Grab, adventures behind the wheel, and why women are better drivers than men.

These and more are on this episode of BusinessWorld Discussions, a collaboration between BusinessWorld and Grab Philippines.