Bringing back the National Conference of Architects

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The National Conference of Architects will be held in Koronadal on Oct. 17–19.

By Benjamin K. Panganiban Jr.

MORE than a decade ago, the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) and the Integrated and Accredited Professional Organization of Architects by the Professional Regulations Commission ended their National Conference of Architects (NCA) which gathered architects from around the country.

Now, the UAP is bringing back the NCA — a mid-year conference of architects in the beautiful place of Koronadal in South Cotabato from Oct. 17–19 this year.

Every April, the UAP conducts their annual NCA and their convention. This fiscal year marks the 46th year as an architects’ premier organization.

A few years ago, the mid-year conference of architects held every October was scrapped for some time. In lieu of it, an Architects Area Assembly was held every January or February. There where four area assemblies every fiscal year representing four Areas under the UAP.


As the organization grew by leaps and bounds, the membership had to be updated and upgraded in terms of professional developments. This was the reason why Joint Area Assemblies (JAA) were held every October.

And as this leadership assumed its second term, the National Board of Directors decided to rename the JAA and hold the National Conference of Architects.

From the 17th to 19th day of this month, the NCA 2019 will be held in Koronadal, the capital City of South Cotabato. The local government is preparing to welcome architects to the place known as the Land of the Dreamweavers.

It will be exactly 11 years since the last NCA in Davao City in 2008. This time, Mindanao-based architects are opening the place to creative people, friends in the industry and promising entrepreneurs who wish to invest in the now booming region, thanks to the Philippine President who is now the number one promoter for Mindanao.

UAP Architects will hosted by the Farm at Carpenter Hill in Koronadal City. There will be professional development seminars to comply with the CPD law and to upgrade the stock knowledge of architects in the field of constructing vertical structures conducted by the Office of the Occupational Safety and Health Center.

There will also be educational and cultural tours to the picturesque Lake Sebu, the majestic Seven Waterfalls, pineapple plantations, and Mount Matutum mountain ranges. Visitors will also learn about the Tinalak, a native cloth now worn by international models and even politicians.

The UAP organizing committee, headed by Arch. Rosario Q. Roxas under the Commission on Conventions and Assemblies of Arch. Antonio Valdez, and the local UAP Koronadal chapter headed by its president Jim Harris Bastes have been working to make this National Conference of Architects 2019 a memorable and fun-filled three-day experience for the architects.

To recall the UAP’s campaign advocacy “For your plans and designs, get an architect,” promoting the profession is improving the lives of our fellow architects in the regions and around the country.


Benjamin K. Panganiban Jr. is the current national president of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) and the first national president coming from Mindanao. He has been in the private practice for more than 34 years and is a fellow of the UAP. He is also the first ASEAN architect and APEC architect coming from Davao City. He is a graduate of BS Architecture from the University of Mindanao and is also a Doctor Fellow of the Royal Institute of Architects Singapore.