Beyond Brushstrokes

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Maria Victoria Rufino

Grace in time

Past, present, future.

Time as we know it is linear. In the cosmic dimension, it is always present.

In my mind, time is circular.

For a long period, the dark moments and long nights seemed endless.

The dreams — monochromatic shades of black, charcoal gray, a blur of pewter haze and shapeless shadows.

The angst was sharp, searing.

Grace from the divine beamed to uplift the spirit.

The brilliant sunset and afterglow are still dramatic in the mind’s eye.

The first brushstrokes are tentative, vulnerable.

Starting anew after a drought is a cathartic process of fire and heat. The elements of purification — for brilliant diamonds and precious metals, are the same for elements of artistic creation.

At first, one begins with muted tones of deep and light blue then there are splashes or bright colors — pink, red, orange. The colors emerge from deep within the heart. A burst of inspiration flows — to paint, to write, to compose, to create again.

New colors ignite the imagination and stir the dormant passion.

Dawn will wash across the once dark velvet sky with pastel streaks of yellow gold. It is the radiance of the rising sun.

“Transcendence to dreamscapes”

“My inner journey continues

As I explore the timeless world of dreams

And the joyous colors of life.

In the silence of my heart,

I listen to the poetry

And symphony of nature.

In the realm of the spirit,

I discover infinite variations

Of the mind’s recurring visions of the future.

Nature’s images I capture as abstract prisms

And transcendent impressions.

Until a new panorama of Dreamscapes unfolds,

Reflecting a fascination with the nuances of light — radiant and luminous,

Impressions of timeless vistas

Blend with memories of the future

And déjà vu images of the past.

The inner journey evokes a poetic

symphony of abstract visions,

serenity in solitude, cosmic emotions

and the moods of life.

My flights to the transcendental real

Are rare glimpses of luminescence and infinity.

Life’s Dreamscapes these are,

Owing to Sun, the radiant source.

To diptychs of the Sun.

To Cell, the basic unit.

To mandala and squares

Settling on Arches.

As in sunrise over blue mountains

or orange sky, or blue-orange sea.

Rising, shining, setting

The cosmic cycles of dreams:

Earth, sea and sky…”

Artist’s statement by way of verse for “Life” Dreamscapes series 2007 for Chroma Text Reloaded 2007, CCP.

(Special thanks to Krip Yuson)