Best countries to start an IT business

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Information technology or simply IT is probably the most prolific industry at a global level at the moment. With many sub-industries, IT will continue to grow in the near future. Moreover, it is expected to develop considerably as computer science and artificial intelligence evolve and thus make room for other branches to appear.

Starting an IT business is easy no matter the chosen country, however, there are a few states which offer excellent conditions for the development of such companies. Among these, Asian states are the best there can be. For example, those who decide to set up IT companies in Singapore will benefit from one of the most advanced technological infrastructures in the world.

Let’s see what other countries can accommodate IT businesses under extraordinary conditions.

Choosing a country for an IT business

There are many variables when considering starting an IT business. Among these, the registration and licensing procedures, which must be simple, and which must offer a fast start, the taxation which must be to the advantage of the company and the infrastructure which must support the development of the business.

Apart from Singapore, one of its neighboring countries can satisfy these conditions, and that is Malaysia. Starting a company in Malaysia in the IT field is quite simple compared to other industries in which specific licenses need to be obtained. Also, Malaysia offers access to one of the largest talent pools in Asia when it comes to IT.

Choosing a less popular destination in the IT industry

Those who want to choose countries which are not exactly known for a thriving IT industry can be pioneers in this domain and thus have the majority of the market share in that state. Let’s take Seychelles for instance: this small insular state is mostly known for offshore activities; however, it is possible to open a company in Seychelles for offering IT services under very beneficial conditions. Among these, it is worth mentioning an English-speaking workforce, a favorable taxation system and the possibility of registering the company remotely without much hassle.

An IT company can be set up in a country and service clients in many other countries, which is why it is important to first choose the state it will be registered in. Without a doubt, the best country for starting a company in the IT industry is ultimately at the discretion of the businessman who needs to consider his needs and the type of services the company will offer.




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