Beautiful and tasty creations

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By Mark Louis F. Ferrolino

After completing her bachelor’s degree in international studies, Maria Roma Getueza engaged in retail management and in their family business. But her love for baking is what keeps her busy these days as she started a self-run business, The Nameless Baker, in which devotion and artistry have became her secret recipes.

The Nameless Baker offers fresh and homemade baked products, designed and topped with delicate flower frosting. It is a hobby turned into a part-time business after Ms. Getueza accidentally discovered her passion in baking. Unlike other businesses, The Nameless Baker offers a variety of unique and creative cake design options that fit any occasions. The handcrafted sweets are made with no extenders and preservatives added.

In an interview with BusinessWorld, Ms. Getueza said that she considers cake as a canvass. After coming up with fresh and perfectly moist cake, she carefully mixes the colored icings by hands and plays around them. An eight-inch cake takes her around two to three hours to finish, ensuring that it looks and tastes good.

“What separates me [with other bakers] is the color combination [I used for pastries] and my approach to colors. It’s difficult to pipe the flowers but it’s more difficult to have the colors that will look harmonious and elegant both in the pictures and physically,” Ms. Getueza said.

Aside from cakes with flower accents, The Nameless Baker also offers custom-made cakes and cakes decorated with succulents and manly stuff like barrels and liquors. It also accepts orders of cupcakes that can be given as gifts or giveaways in parties or different occasions.

“You’re not only paying for the cake itself, but you’re paying for the art and for the pleasure of the eyes,” Ms. Getueza said. “It’s a wow factor for the visitors of the party.”

Way back in 2012, when The Nameless Baker started, most of its customers were Ms. Getueza’s friends who found its cupcakes, cream puffs and other pastries, a perfect pair for coffee. Since then, Ms. Getueza has always been seeking her customers’ feedbacks to know what needs to be improved or adjusted in her recipes.

Staying consistent in pursuing the owner’s passion, The Nameless Baker has now blossomed into a successful business. Referrals of her relatives and friends as well as customers’ posts in social media have helped the business gained popularity and reached bigger market.

To ensure the quality and art of every product, Ms. Getueza only accepts a maximum of four to five cakes and five to 10 dozens of cupcakes per day.

She handles the business all by herself as she takes all the responsibility of purchasing, marketing and baking, as well as the pickup and delivery of the products. But for her, everything is just a matter of time management.

“If you’re doing something that you like, you won’t be bored na parang ay nakakapagod (like it’s tiring); it’s something you will enjoy. Then, time will just pass by,” Ms. Getueza said.

If given the chance, Ms. Getueza aspires to open a small café where she can apply her skills in baking and cooking. She wants to come up with a go-to place where home dishes are served and customers will find value for their money.

As a piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, Ms. Getueza said, “Don’t be afraid to start small. Do what you love. Do what you are passionate about because you won’t get bored in doing that. Passion outweighs talent. If you have the talent but you don’t have the passion, it’s not going to work.”