Beautiful in seven days

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Reine Gold 9-in-1 Tightening formula Serum

A NETWORKING company promises that its serums will make you look like a queen in seven days.

Last month, QDynamics Global Corp. launched its new Reine Gold 9-in-1 Tightening formula Serum at a skin clinic in Quezon City. It promises to improve skin texture in terms of skin tone, and elasticity in seven days. It also protects skin from free radicals which cause aging. The product, according to a release, had been tested and developed over a period of two years.

Despite the name, the product does not contain gold. It does, however, contain moisturizing agents, antioxidants, a DNA protection agent (so faulty cell replications that cause wrinkles can be prevented), wrinkle correctors, skin lightening, and skin tightening agents.

The active ingredients for the following effects are as follows: Alpha-Arbutin, Undecylenoyl phenylalanine (skin lighteners), watermelon fruit extract, citrulline (DNA protection), Alpine plant extracts, Swiss mountain water (antioxidant), saccharide isomerate, betaine (moisturizer), and phenylbenzymidazole sulfonic acid (sun protection). A similar serum, called Pearl, meanwhile, promises smoother and softer skin.

The company was founded by obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Delia Maceda in 2008, and began by selling food supplements and vitamins. Asked how the networking format works with selling beauty products, she said that money that could have been spent on marketing and such was better spent on agents.

As for her transition from wellness to beauty, she points out the link between the two: “Part of wellness is beautification,” she said, pointing out that people who undergo her detoxification treatments (without the additional application of beauty remedies) immediately look better. — JLG