ATRAM TRUST Corp. (ATRAM) has added 10 new investment funds to its existing offerings following the transfer of Pru Life UK Asset Management and Trust Corp.’s fiduciary assets.

The asset management company said in a statement that the new funds address gaps in clients’ risk, investment, and thematic preferences.

“We are excited to announce the unveiling of these new funds, which represent a significant milestone in our long-term business strategy. By seamlessly integrating established offerings with our own, we have created more robust portfolios that cater to a wide range of investor preferences,” ATRAM Chief Product Officer Mia Grey said.

ATRAM on Wednesday launched the following: ATRAM Peso Liquid Fund, which focuses on low-risk, short-term Philippine peso instruments; ATRAM USD Money Market Fund, which offers short-term dollar investments in Philippine government securities and fixed-income; ATRAM USD Developed Markets Multi-Asset Fund of Funds, which invests in global equities and US investment-grade securities; ATRAM Philippine Balanced Fund, which targets a mix of money-market instruments, fixed income, and Philippine equities; ATRAM USD Total Return Bond Fund, which invests in a portfolio of Philippine peso-denominated government and corporate bonds; ATRAM USD Global Technology Leaders Feeder Fund, which targets the technology sector; ATRAM USD Asian High Yield Bond Feeder Fund, which invests in non-investment grade corporate securities of Asian companies; ATRAM Philippine Equity Index Tracker Fund; ATRAM Long Term Peso Bond Fund; and ATRAM Philippine Equity Leaders, which invests in the top Philippine companies in the Philippine Stock Exchange index.

The assets under management of its global feeder funds stood at P101.6 billion as of March, ATRAM said. With 18 feeder funds, it has about P359 billion in assets under management as of Jan. 31. — AMCS