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Lancôme returns to the Philippines

LANCÔME is returning to the Philippines through a Greenbelt pop-up, but also through online channels and future stand-alone stores.

Lancôme had previously been in the Philippines, distributed through a luxury department store, but had faded from shelves in the mid-2010s.

“There are different reasons why we felt it was really the right time to launch Lancôme. [There is a] luxury market that is really soaring. You can see it not only in luxury beauty,” said Yannick Raynaud, L’Oréal Philippines Country Managing Director during a launch on Aug. 19, where guests were taken through the Greenbelt pop-up store.

“Luxury has changed as well,” she said, counting this change among Gen Z. “Yes, sophistication, personalization… but also responsibility.” To this point, 99% of the roses the brand uses are organically grown, and as for natural ingredients they use, they have biodiversity protection in mind, and are working on reducing plastic packaging, as well as providing refillable options.

Lancôme was founded in the 1930s by aristocrat Guillaume d’Ornano and business partner Armand Petitjean, taking its name from the Lancosme forest. Originally founded as a perfumery, the brand was acquired by L’Oreal in the 1960s.

“We’re the expert in developing safe, efficient products that are going to be the utmost quality. There is no compromise for us. Lancôme is the epitome of beauty, and it benefits from the most advanced formulas that we have in the group,” said Ms. Raynaud.

Products to look forward to include the Advanced Génefique Face Serum, containing 6 billion pre- and probiotic fractions in every bottle. This product aims to strengthen the skin’s protective moisture barrier. The L’Absolu Rouge lipstick headlines the brand’s make-up category, which is designed for high-performing and long-lasting beauty for its users. This lipstick, which doubles as skincare but with elevated color, comes in cream and matte finishes. Meanwhile, Idole, one of the brand’s more famous fragrances, has notes of citrus, rose, jasmine, and white musk, and is layered over a vanilla base. The three categories of skincare, makeup, and perfume are represented in the pop-up, where a skin analysis machine can show what one’s skin will look like after 15 years.

One of the brand’s more famous faces is actress Isabella Rossellini, who first appeared in advertisements for the brand in the 1980s and continued working with the brand for more than 10 years. She once again appeared as their face in 2016. “And we’re still with her today,” said Ms. Raynaud. “It says something about the brand. It’s not a test of time. It’s actually the legacy of time that we cherish, and the evolution of the power of women.”

Ms. Raynaud described the Lancôme woman thus: “Imagine this elegant Parisian woman, walking in the streets, standing tall, fresh-faced. This little blush in her face, because she’s in a hurry, but she’s also happy. By no means is she gray, stern; and she has the one thing that is very French: freedom.”

Discussing future distribution channels for Lancôme, Ms. Raynaud mentioned future spaces in Rockwell, Look by Watsons, online shops in Lazada and Shopee that launched last week, a spot in SM Makati, and kiosks in “high traffic areas in malls.”

“We just want to make sure that everywhere we will be, we will be the best experience for the consumer.”

The Lancôme pop-up store is at Greenbelt 5. — Joseph L. Garcia