JUNG HAE-IN as Ha Dongsoo in the Korean series Connect

A MAN gains new physical abilities after he is abducted and has one of eyes taken out in the Korean series Connect. 

A Star original available exclusively on Disney+, Connect stars Jung Hae-in as Ha Dongsoo — part of a new immortal race called “Connect” — who is kidnapped by a gang of organ harvesters determined to take his eyes.

After waking on an operating table following the surgery, Dongsoo is able to escape without one eye, and later discovers that he can still see out of his missing eye, which is now being used by a serial killer who has been terrorizing the residents of Seoul. Determined to get back what was taken, Dongsoo will pursue the serial killer, taking whatever steps are necessary to make himself whole again.

This is the first Korean series of Japanese film director Takashi Miike (Audition, Ichi the Killer, Gozu). Joining the cast are Go Kyung-pyo (Reply 1988, Seoul Vibe, Chicago Typewriter) as serial killer Oh Jinseop, and Kim Hyejun (Kingdom, Inspector Koo, Matrimonial Chaos) as the mysterious Irang.

“I had a worry with the language barrier, but I was really excited when we worked together,” Mr. Go said, as translated by an interpreter, at the Disney Content Showcase press conference on Dec. 1 at Marina Bay Sands.   

In the series, Mr. Jung’s character develops new physical abilities and sees what the serial killer — the new owner of his eye — sees. 

“This character discovers the ability and wants to use it for good,” he said, describing his role as that of a “dark hero.”

Connect premieres on Disney+ on Dec.  7. Michelle Anne P. Soliman