A NEW creative media agency, Cadian Studios, aims to tell stories.

In May 2022, entrepreneur, writer, and music producer Ron Pangyarihan and music engineer Juju Maglacas had the idea of putting together a small firm that focuses on effective human to human storytelling for brands.

Before starting the company, Mr. Pangyarihan wrote and produced songs for the band Color the Era, currently signed under Viva Records.

Having been working freelance with music and writing for other companies, Mr. Pangyarihan decided to open his own company, he told BusinessWorld in an online interview.

Mr. Magcalas takes care of the postproduction work and he was the one who thought of adding animators, illustrators, and writers.

Formally established in September, Cadian Studios creative agency specializes in “ideation,” content creation, and music production. The team is made up of creative strategists, producers, art directors, and sound engineers.

Mr. Pangyarihan explained that he took the name “Cadian” from an opponent when he was playing a video game.

“I lost money through Cadian the player, so I decided to bet on myself named as Cadian,” he said, hoping that giving the name to his own agency would bring success in the future.

One of their first projects was with a Singaporean company of children’s content called Imaginary Ones. Cadian Studios produced nursery rhymes for its subsidiary company, Imaginary Junior.

Cadian has already worked with established record labels in the Philippines such as Viva Records, Warner Music, and O/C Records.

“Basically, we create content for companies to help them communicate with their audience,” Mr. Pangyarihan said.

Opening during the COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges.

“The challenge during the pandemic was in building culture within our company or within our group without physical interaction. We do Zoom meetings, but physical interaction is still different,” he said.

“One of the biggest challenges we experienced during our first few months was building a good culture from the ground up,” he added. “Culture impacts the continuity of a company the most. At Cadian Studios, we do not treat people as resources but as humans. Everything we do is a work of art, so I know every single piece of content that we produce is made with our hearts. I believe the culture of creativity and collaboration will take us far.”

Cadian Studios also organizes educational webinars and produces videos about content creation, and production work.

“It is our goal to build consumers-centric and storytelling in the company,” Mr. Pangyarihan said.

For more information, visit Cadian Studios’ official website at cadianstudios.com.  — Michelle Anne P. Soliman