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Melissa rides on Gen Z trends

BRAZILIAN plastic shoe brand Melissa is riding on Gen Z trends of style and values.

During its 15th anniversary party in SM Aura on Nov. 10, Melissa Philippines Marketing Manager Joy Dauz took us around to have a look at the shoes, made with recyclable and vegan Melflex, special for incorporating scent into its PVC material. The brand was founded in 1979, a part of Grendene SA in Brazil. One sees platform shoes in bright colors made of their PVC material, mixing in 1990s and Y2K nostalgia touched by a little bit of the ’70s by way of the nostalgia manufactured for that period in the 1990s.

“We’re really riding on trends and making them our own,” said Ms. Dauz. “We want to go younger. We’re really more attuned to the Gen Z market now, but of course, we don’t want to forget the loyal fanbase.”

They have also included bigger sizing to accommodate more diverse sizes and unisex dress styles. “Young, fashionable, edgy. The Brazilian culture in itself has no limits. It’s inclusive,” she said.

Some improvements made to the shoes include air technology that injects air into the shoe, allowing some shoe models to look hefty without the extra weight.

Ms. Dauz also said that some of the newer lines are made with 20% recycled material, a nod towards sustainability efforts, mindful of plastic pollution. “The brand has really addressed that concern. Yes, we are plastic, but we are 100% recyclable,” she said. The brand’s durability also has a hand in trying to hit their sustainability goals: “It can last you a lifetime, instead of buying so much and producing so much pollution,” she said.

Some maintenance tips she gave BusinessWorld included wiping down the shoes with wipes or damp cloth, and keeping them in their box to maintain their scent. “Just don’t put it under extreme conditions,” she said, citing damage from excessive heat and cold.

In the Philippines, Melissa is distributed by Tykes Trading, Inc., and stores are located in malls all around the country. — JL Garcia