ONE has to be aggressive in business in the Year of the Water Tiger, said Maritess Allen, feng shui expert to the stars of entertainment and business.

Ms. Allen was speaking about feng shui — the Chinese traditional belief that energy forces can be used to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment — via livestream with Lista PH, a free bookkeeping app for business owners and freelancers. As such, Ms. Allen’s advice centered on business during the talk held on the first day of the Lunar New Year, Feb. 1.

“All of you who are thinking of opening up a business, this is the time that you should work harder,” she said in a mixture of English and Filipino. “You shouldn’t wait for other people. You have to be aggressive.”

Still, she does warn against the Water Tiger’s ferocity, saying we should “be calm and take it easy.” To ensure luck, she says one should wear red for the first 15 days of the Lunar New Year.

Ms. Allen gave a rundown of her predictions for the animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac:

Tiger: It could be a challenging year for the Tiger, but the presence of the Wealth Star in their chart is good for business. On the other hand, the Tiger might catch an illness. Tigers who are 24, 48, 60, and 94 years old will have good luck when it comes to opportunities for wealth.

Monkey: According to Ms. Allen, the tiger and the monkey are traditional rivals, so the monkey has to be careful. To ward off bad luck, Monkeys have to donate to charity. “What Monkeys need this time is change,” she said. The Monkey, however, has a chance for “Big Fortune Luck,” that is at least good for business.

Snake: Ms. Allen says that the Snake will experience luck in travel and (short-lived) romance. “Just start a business,” she said.

Boar: The Boar is blessed with “Heavenly Luck” (that is, unexpected luck) this year. But she warns against the Robbery Star in their chart, which takes wealth away. To ward this off, she suggests that the Boar carry charms in the shape of a rhinoceros or an elephant.

Rat: The Rat possesses the Victory Star this year. “Anything that you want to begin, this is the time (to do it),” she tells those born in the Year of the Rat. This year, the Rat would be able to gain back losses from two or three years past, and she advises that they place “wealth enhancers” and an image of a rat in their home’s North side.

Ox: The Ox has the favor of Wealth Star No. 8, which brings luck in business, in their chart. She does say that those born in the Year of the Ox should be a little less aggressive, and take care about getting tired. “Do only things that your body can handle,” she said. To enhance luck, the Ox should wear charms with the number eight, the infinity symbol, or the Mystic Knot.

Rabbit: The Rabbit has an opportunity for Big and Small Fortune Luck, and has the presence of the Golden Deity Star in their chart. The Rabbit can be hotheaded this year, which can lead to lawsuits. “Take it easy. Don’t fight back,” she suggests. She advises wearing the color red to ward off people who will pick fights. She also suggests they wear a peace and harmony amulet to avoid confrontations, and to place a rabbit image in the Eastern part of the house.

Dragon: The Dragon is blessed with the Prosperity Star for romance, travel, and creativity. This, she means, is a great opportunity either to go back to school or to move somewhere else. The Dragon also has Big and Small Fortune Luck, and their lucky months are February, March, April, June, July, November, December, and January next year.

Horse: The Horse has Prosperity Star No. 9 in their chart, which should spell a good year. However, it does also have the Yin House Star, which might make them want to protect themselves (especially from people sick with envy). This year spells a good chance to enhance power and leadership skills. She advises placing images of horses in the Southern part of the house.

Goat: The Goat has the Illness Star in its fortune, which isn’t very good for the body. While the Goat also possesses Good Fortune Luck this year, they shouldn’t be too trusting. She advises placing a wulo (gourd) charm on their bedside table to protect against illness and promote health and longevity.

Rooster: While the Rooster has Big Fortune Luck for 2022, she advises that they take care of their things due to the presence of robbery, betrayal, and loss in their charts. Still, luck in success, health, and everywhere else are all favorable, especially in the months of February, May, June, July, and November. She suggests placing rooster charms in the Western part of the house.

Dog: The Dog is blessed with Heaven’s Luck (unexpected luck, which might come in the form of an inheritance) and the Golden Deity star in their chart this year. Still, she advises enhancing the power of the Victory Star by wearing a Wealth Vase charm. —  JL Garcia