A 31-MINUTE “if it’s late, it’s free” program by Shakey’s launched on Oct. 1 was set up with precision akin to clockwork.

In a press conference on Oct. 14, Shakey’s Philippines executives laid out the planning that went into making sure that orders would arrive at one’s doorstep in 31 minutes or less. With a few exceptions, the customer would get it for free if the pizza arrived after 31 minutes.

These exceptions, according to Shakey’s Philippines Head of Delivery Kellda Centeno, include the following: the 31-minute promise is applicable only within Metro Manila (from Quezon City to the “outskirts of Alabang,” according to Shakey’s Philippines General Manager Jorge Concepcion), and orders must be placed through the Shakey’s Super App, Shakey’s Philippines Facebook Messenger, the official Shakey’s website ( or its hotline 7777-7777 (so this excludes orders placed through third-party delivery apps, like Grab or Food Panda).

The program applies to all regular orders, barring bulk orders (which include orders above P3,000, at least six party-sized pizzas, or at least three 18” Pizza Americanas).

The clock starts ticking as soon as the order has been placed, and stops at the village gate, the building’s entrance, or the customer’s doorstep itself: whichever comes first. For the safety of their delivery riders, they are ordered to drive at a maximum speed of 40 kph, and the delivery time would be curtailed by such factors as storms, floods, typhoons, lockdowns, fires, or other such “fortuitous events.” Otherwise, it’s all free if the order is late; holidays included (yes, even on Christmas).

According to Ms. Centeno, they opened 13 new stores during the pandemic in order to fill in gaps within serviceable areas. This increases their store count around Metro Manila to 130.

According to Mr. Concepcion, they’ve also done an overhaul to existing stores to accommodate this new program: this included upgrading their equipment, improving their internet connections, ensuring an adequate power supply, and adding more delivery riders. They also conducted rider tests around the city in order to make sure that routes are optimized for delivery.

“The 13 stores are located in various cities,” said Ms. Centeno. These included new locations in areas such as Parañaque, Las Piñas, Caloocan, Valenzuela, Makati, and Taguig. “Those are areas that, when we did our rider drive test,… we noticed would be difficult to get to in 31 minutes,” she said.

In a Zoom message, Mr. Concepcion said, “Eventually, this will be expanded to other urban metro areas around the country.”

Vicente Gregorio, Shakey’s Philippines President and CEO gave a reason for this bolstering of their delivery service. “Even before COVID, as much as 30% of our business comes from delivery.” Off-premise services certainly increased during the pandemic due to dining restrictions on health grounds but, “once dine-in comes back, the ratio will be balanced, but it will be forever changed.” — Joseph L. Garcia