THE CHALLENGES and reality of a struggling romantic relationship is the focus on the new WeTV Original series BetCin which premieres today.

The romantic comedy series follows Beth (played by Kylie Padilla) and Cindy (Andrea Torres), a social media celebrity couple called “BetCin,” who join an online contest called “#RelationshipGoals” and are perceived as having a perfect relationship. But outside the filtered posts, things are barely smooth sailing as their differing priorities and needs begin pulling them apart. As they figure out what’s next for them, BetCin is selected as a finalist for #RelationshipGoals. The couple is then challenged to “fake it until they make it” for the “likes” and the cash prize.

“We thought that the stories of… two women in a romantic relationship is something that needs to be heard more,” said WeTV Philippines country manager Georgette Tengco, during an online press conference on Oct. 12,  talking about giving a platform for more inclusive love stories.

“Not a lot of people talk about it, it’s a perspective, that’s usually given a platform. It’s a perspective that is not usually given a loud voice, and so we felt that time has come that we needed to put a spotlight on it and found the perfect project,” she added.

Directed by Shugo Praico, the eight-episode series balances out the drama of a relationship on the rocks with punches of humor. The series is line-produced by Rein Entertainment Productions and written by Fatrick Tabada and John Carlo Pacala. Also in the cast are Elora Españo and Chai Fonacier.

“One of the brilliant elements of Fatrick Tabada’s original script for BetChin, when we were developing it as a part of an anthology series years back, is its tone — a charming blend of wit and absurdist humor,” Mr. Praico, the director, said in a statement.

“When WeTV asked us to turn it into an eight-episode series, the genius JC Pacala and I decided to stick with that tone, push the comedy, and add poignancy into the mix, to tell the break-up story of an odd but lovable couple trapped in the zany situation they created. We wanted to give the audience a fresh take, a unique experience on this familiar kind of story.”

Mr. Praico said that both lead actors were committed to their roles.

“You will see the level of commitment in the project through their performance,” he said during the press conference.

Actress Andrea Torres admitted that she is the opposite of her character. She described Cindy as someone who is social media active and outgoing.

“I feel like no day is wasted with her. She is always game (for anything). She is good with experiencing anything and feels as if she can do anything,” Ms. Torres said in English and Filipino.

Meanwhile, Ms. Torres’ co-star Kylie Padilla expressed how she related to her character, Beth and hopes to play the role again if given the chance.

“The show was such a blessing for me because it came at a time where I really wanted to sink my teeth into a project that I really loved… I just have so much fun, and this was the perfect project for that,” Ms. Padilla said.

“I know her. I need to give this character justice. I know what she’s going through. I know her wants and needs and I just knew that I could make a character I would enjoy,” she added with enthusiasm. “It wasn’t really a challenge. I had so much fun. Nabitin ako (It left me hanging). I really want to play her again.”

Ms. Padilla said that both characters are relatable and lovable despite their flaws.

“You’re going to learn to love each character. In all their flaws and all their mess, you will love both because they are relatable,” Ms. Padilla said in English and Filipino. “That’s what I love most about the show. They are imperfect people, but they try their best.”

BetCin starts streaming exclusively on WeTV on Oct. 15, 8 p.m. New episodes will drop every Friday. WeTV and the iflix app are available on the App store and Google Play. — Michelle Anne P. Soliman