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New blender promises easier use

Breville Fresh & Furious

APPLIANCE brand Breville launched its new blender over the weekend with a Facebook smoothie party last week.

The new blender, called the Fresh & Furious, was launched with sauces and smoothies made by guest chef Waya Araos-Wijangco, thespians Lissa Romero de Guia and Stella Cañete Balucas Mendoza, film director Marlon Rivera, singer and songwriter Zsaris, and Margo Flores of the Coffee Home Brewers community.

The Fresh & Furious is the latest update on Breville’s Kinetix line of products, designed to help home cooks craft restaurant-quality recipes effortlessly. With its Kinetix Blade and Bowl-Hugging System, the model promises a rough start and smooth finish using its surgical-grade blade and smooth blending system. This enables one to eliminate lumps. The Fresh & Furious also comes with a 1-Touch Versatility system which makes it easy to choose a blending mode, from chopping, to crushing ice, to making smoothies — thus allowing for personality and texture in whatever you’re making. Other features of the newest model include an Auto Clean button and an LCD display which makes it easier to ensure precise and consistent blending. It also has a Green Smoothie option for healthier and creamier green smoothies. — JLG