Millennials use Twitter to discover new connections, take a stand, and discuss their health. Around 35.2% of Filipinos on Twitter are millennials, of which more than half (or 56%) use the app at least once a day, according to the social media company. 

Twitter defines millennials as those between 25 and 38 years old.  

Popular cause-related hashtags that Filipino millennials use or follow include #worldmentalhealth, #health, and #adulting, said Martyn U’ren, Twitter’s head of research for the Asia Pacific and Middle East and North African regions, in an e-mail to BusinessWorld. 

On a lighter note, millennials also use Twitter to keep tabs on their favorite celebrities. “They are also huge fans of local and international celebrities/personalities like Macoy Dubs, Inka Magnaye, SB19, and even K-pop groups such as BTS and BLACKPINK,” said  Mr. U’ren.

Other key insights Twitter revealed are as follows: 

  • Connection Filipino millennials are on the platform to keep in touch with their friends (77%), conduct work-related networking or research (44%), and find like-minded people (32%). They also keep track of news stories (56%), content such as memes (44%), and trends as they happen (32%). 
  •  Expression – Millennials talk about their lives on Twitter, by sharing stories about their pets and random thoughts (49%). They also express opinions and take a stand about the things that matters to them (44%). 
  • Protection – Since more than half of the individuals in this generation are part of the workforce (59.4%), topics on money and finances are top of mind. Nearly three-quarters (or 74%) are optimistic their finances will get better in the next 6 months. Some take action by exploring options to grow or secure both their wealth and future by investing in life  (+11% on purchase) and health (39%) insurance. Forty-five percent are upfront talking about mental health. 
  • Consumption Filipino millennials’ penchant for consuming content has contributed to the rise of new content formats. Seventy-six percent of this age group are into music streaming, 65% like online streaming, another 65% prefer gaming consoles, while 45% are into podcasts

“Filipino millennials love to talk about products and apps that make their lives more convenient and fun at home,” according to Mr. U’ren. Some of these brands, he said, are Shopee, Netflix PH, Lazada PH, iWant, Dreamscape, PUBG Mobile, Viu, Spotify PH, and iFlix.  

“Filipinos have fully embraced streaming as their source of entertainment, and we credit [our] growth to the people who are enjoying the content, sharing their experiences, and encouraging everyone to join in watching the latest series and new-found favorites on Twitter,” added Vinchi S. Quia, operations director of streaming service provider VIU Philippines, in a press statement. — Patricia B. Mirasol