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No brushes used for Lito Carating’s paintings

NORBERTO CARATING, Moon series, 2021

“I NEVER use painting brushes! I threw them away decades ago,” said artist Norberto “Lito” Carating. Thus the 14 canvasses in an exhibit that can be seen at Salcedo Private View were created with the use of tools he himself designed, patterned on baking decoration tools.

The paintings included in his solo exhibit — entitled “Vivace” (Italian for “lively or “vivid” ) — were created spontaneously through what the artist calls the wet-on-wet technique.

“I don’t stop until the work is finished,” Mr. Carating told BusinessWorld via Messenger.

Mr. Carating likens his working process to an orchestra conductor. Prior to beginning a piece, he pre-mixes the colors to avoid breaking the spontaneity of his application.

“I apply layers of paints on top of one another and then manipulate the colors to create textures and other accidental designs. I apply strong colors on top of another color or side by side and the effect is like vibrating lively colors and different shapes, as if the forms are moving and floating,” he said.

Prior to a career in visual arts, Mr. Carating pursued professional opera singing, performing locally and in Canada and the United States as a sought-after baritone. After more than a decade as a performer, Mr. Carating — who earned a degree in Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines in 1971 — took up his brush again to create abstracts and expressionist works.

Mr. Carating has continuously experimented with different techniques, contrasting bright saturated colors with the rich metallic tones. Among the accolades heaped on the artists was the Thirteen Artists Award in 1990. He was also chosen to participate in the Venice Biennale in 2015.

“We believe that now is the best time for new collectors to discover and fall in love with Lito’s work,” said Victor Silvino, Salcedo Auctions Managing Director, in a statement. “As one of the seniors, established expressionist artists in the country, Lito never fails to surprise his long-time and new clients with his pieces.”

“Vivace” by Norberto Carating runs until June 19 at Salcedo Auctions Private View, located at NEX Tower, 6786 Ayala Ave., Makati.

The exhibition is co-presented by Salcedo Auctions Exclusive Banking Partner HSBC Premier. For inquiries, about the exhibit, call 0917-825-7449 or send an e-mail info@salcedoauctions.com. To view the exhibition online, visit https://salcedoauctions.com/exhibition/136/vivace. — Michelle Anne P. Soliman