PREPAID brand TNT launched its latest ad campaign featuring three of Thailand’s leading actors: Nonkul Chanon, Gulf Kanawut, and Mario Maurer. The three actors are the new faces in the “Kilig Saya” campaign, a three-minute music video performed by Sarah Geronimo, and co-starring actress Sue Ramirez.

During an online campaign launch held via Zoom on May 11, Miriam Z. Choa, FVP and Head of Prepaid Marketing at Smart, said that their team facilitated a focused group discussion with the youth from across the country about their hopefulness for the future. In the discussion, it was found that the youth entertained themselves with their smartphones for videos, music, and games which enhanced their mobile experiences. “2020 is really a difficult year for most of them. So, we are happy that they turned to our brand and to the affordable services that we offered to help them find some sense of happiness,” Ms. Choa said.

“We need characters, people who can give some light to this darkness. We need people who encourage us and keep us stay upbeat or make us feel kilig or good happy vibes in our lives,” she added.

TNT’s chose the Thai actors because of the fans their Thai series and films attract.

Since 2007, Thai dramas and films have been nearly as popular in Southeast Asia as K-Pop and Japanese shows. Nonkul Chanon is best known for the film Bad Genius, the highest-grossing Thai film of 2017. Gulf Kanawut is best known for his role as Type in TharnType The Series, an adaptation of a popular Thai web novel. Mario Maurer is best known for his lead roles in Love of Siam (2007) and Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2010), and the 2013 supernatural romantic comedy Pee Mak.

“Filipinos and Thais have always had mutual appreciation for each other’s wealth of entertainment content, but we’ve seen this grow even bigger recently as more Filipinos enjoy easy access to streaming platforms and social media through TNT’s value-packed promos,” Jane J. Basas, SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business at Smart in a statement.

TNT’s “Kilig Saya” campaign can be seen on Facebook at, Twitter via the hashtag #TNTKiligSaya and Instagram (@tntph).— MAPS