CRACKERS are usually thought of as a simple savory snack item, but it seems that they can be used for desserts too, as celebrities Robi Domingo and Kim Chiu learned when chefs Gerick Manalo and Bettina Carlos taught them how to make snacks with Tiger Crackers, demonstrating new flavors ensaymada and leche flan.

Mr. Domingo helped make a Mango Hazelnut Dessert Pizza with Ms. Carlos, while Ms. Chiu made a Beef Nacho Crackers Supreme bowl (recipes below). The cooking class was done remotely, streamed on an unlisted YouTube link last week.

After Mr. Domingo finished plating his dessert, Ms. Carlos asked him if he was ready to taste his creation. Mr. Domingo said, “Chef, sorry, I tried it already.” For her part, Ms. Chiu presented her bowl and said, “I’m so proud!” before squeezing a last minute dollop of cheese spread.

In addition to these, Mr. Domingo and actress Kim Chiu have been showing their fans on social media their own tweaks on their favorite flavors. Ms. Chiu paired her Leche Flan-flavored Tiger Crackers with ube halaya (purple yam jam), while Mr. Domingo paired his Ensaymada-flavored ones with tsokolate batirol (native hot chocolate). A host was quick to point out that the crackers only had 120 calories in them.

Kristine Enriquez, Senior Brand Manager for Mondelez Philippines Biscuits, meanwhile, paired her plain crackers with kimchi. She said, “People are really looking for good ways to have a good trip through snacks.

“With Tiger Crackers,  you can [pair] our favorite flavored crackers with both staple pantry food that you can find in your homes, and even go a bit crazy and creative with not so ordinary pairings.”

Tiger Crackers are now available at all leading stores nationwide and in all major e-commerce platforms. Visit the Mondelez Philippines official page on Shopee and LazMall. JLG



2 packs Tiger Crackers, cut into small triangles

2 packs of the same, crushed for coating

1 egg

1 tbsp. cooking oil

10g minced garlic

100 grams ground beef

1/2 tbsp soy sauce

1/2 tsp cumin powder

1/2 tsp liquid seasoning

20g white onion, chopped

black pepper to taste


1 fresh tomato, chopped

3 leaves lettuce, sliced thinly

3-5 tbsps Cheez Whiz

Shredded Eden Cheese

1.) Dip the cracker triangles in egg, then dip into the crushed ones.

2.) Fry over medium heat and set aside.

3.) Saute garlic and half the onions in oil over medium heat. Add the ground beef and saute until cooked. Add soy sauce, seasoning, and cumin powder.

4.) Season with black pepper then add remaining onions.

5.) Drain excess oil and transfer to a bowl. Toss and mix together with the toppings.

6.) Assemble by putting the fried crackers and beef taco topping onto a plate, then top with a final drizzling of the cheese.



6 packs Tiger Leche Flan Crackers

Custard Filling:

150 gm fresh milk

60 gm condensed milk

1 egg yolk

10 gm vanilla essence

10 gm cornstarch

1/2 tbsp unsalted butter


1 ripe mango

50 gm hazelnut spread

15 gm fresh milk

10 gm roasted nuts

1.) Cut the crackers into triangles. Thinly slice the mangoes or form them into balls.

2.) To make the filling, whisk together the two kinds of milk, the egg yolk, the cornstarch, and the vanilla essence. Cook mixture over medium heat on a stovetop. Keep whisking until the mixture starts to boil. Mix for another two minutes.

3.) Transfer the mixture into a bowl and add butter, mixing until it cools down.

4.) Line a plate with the layer of crackers.

5.) Spread the filling using a spoon, then top with another layer of crackers, and then spread with hazelnut filling. Form another later with crackers, then spread with more of the custard filling.

6.) Place the mango topping on the final layer then drizzle with hazelnut spread. Garnish with chopped nuts then chill. Vanilla ice cream is optional.