IT TAKES a lot of skill and creativity to re-conceptualize a staple Filipino dish and ensure that the modern take is made even more delectable. This is what Sisig Masters Grand Winner chef Ruby dela Cruz (photo) successfully did, bagging the top spot at the recently concluded Knorr Sisig Masters finals with her winning Squabama recipe. “When I first heard about the Knorr Sisig Masters competition, they said it needed to be innovative. So instead of the usual, pork and seafood, I thought, why not make a vegetable version?” The core of the dish is squash, banana, malunggay, and Knorr Liquid Seasoning. The 51-year-old owner of Any-Haw in Sta. Maria Bulacan (there are 11 branches with Lechon Manok as their specialty) which made this winning recipe exclusively for the Knorr Sisig Masters competition. Each participating chef underwent three levels of certification, and had a total of 262 recipe submissions from the first level. Special prizes were also awarded to Nur Misuari, who won the People’s Choice Award for his Pork Sisig Dynamite, and to Eduardo Villiarmia, Jr. for his SOSPA (Sisig OH, Salad Pa) recipe that bagged the #FoodPorn award for the dish with the best plating. To see all the sisig recipes and the highlights of the Knorr Sisig Masters Finals, check out