The week before The Retreat Spa’s official launch, members of the media were intend to take a tour and try out the spa and its services.
After the short tour, the spa staff welcomed us and served simple low-calorie (less than 300 calories each) snacks — sliced apples, bite-sized ham and cheese sandwiches, oatmeal muffins, a matcha green tea cookie, and a glass of orange-infused water.
The snack was followed by a 30-minute trial of the Relaxation Room’s facilities.
Since I was not expecting to take a dip, I did not bring swimwear. Thankfully, the staff gave disposable (and stretchable) undergarments. The jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room were pleasant, but the temperature shift thanks to the air-conditioning was very obvious.
After the use of the facilities, we were introduced to our therapists and had our treatments separately.
I had my treatment in the room called Maria (after a lake in Laguna). The two-hour session began with a foot ritual and scrub. Prior to the massage proper, the therapist asked me about any specific health concerns (conditions and allergies) — I had none; and she also asked me when I had my last facial — to which I answered, “Never.”
The therapist then gave me the Tranquil Glow treatment with organic lavender and seaweed sugar scrub.
She noted that seaweed is good for relaxation, detoxifying, and skin moisturization. The treatment included body brushing with a lavender and sugar scrub, a quick shower, followed by the Tranquil Glow massage. The therapist ended with a mini facial and with a seaweed eye mask to treat puffiness.
The treatment was soothing (the New Age background music helped) and made me forget the rest of the world for two hours. After the treatment, I appreciated the feedback the therapist gave about my skin and her suggestions on how I may treat the pimples on my back (which she noticed).
After the treatment, more low-calorie snacks were served.
To end the experience, I spent a few minutes relaxing to the sound of waves in the Dream Wave Room.
It was a worthwhile experience. — MAPS