MILLENNIALS don’t tend to fork over cash for luxury goods: unless it’s money from Mummy or Daddy, we’re not buying. This generation has been known to become dazzled by the world of high-end luxury, but are usually reluctant to actually pay for it, preferring to borrow Mummy’s Hermes or wisely buying dupes.

The Fall 2017 collection of Guess taps into this by adopting big brand fashion trends and putting them into high-street fashions. The handbags and backpacks seen during a presentation on Sept. 19 in decidedly young BGC haunt Early Night? showed accessible versions of a rich cousin’s bags.

Think, for example, the chain and the quilted chevron in the Chanel boy, translated in some part onto a rectangular handbag, or else the fur, charms,and chains in Dior. Faux croc à la Hermes croc, then nylon of Prada, and the florals of the newly emboldened Gucci can be seen here, all at high-street prices.

In a lookbook we saw styles from Louis Vuitton, YSL, Prada, and Gucci photographed as style pegs for the bags. Clarish H. Barundia, Merchandising Ladies manager, did acknowledge that most average millennials do turn their nose up at the idea of paying the full price for fashion.

“We wanted to tap them (millennials) by showing these handbags,”she said. “They can buy it because it’s accessible.” — JLG