THESE artists have, through the years, contributed images of artworks to be used for Art in the Park’s postcard invitations. This year AIP is reproducing signed limited edition prints from the 10 artists. They are:

Jomike Tejido — A true purveyor of Filipino culture, the architect, author, illustrator, and painter has an unconventional canvas: banig or woven mats, on which he paints pictures of trees and whale sharks. His unique art fusion has led to exhibitions here and in Singapore, Paris, Japan, and the US. 

Jose Santos III and Pamela Yan-Santos — They are partners in real life, but artists with distinct voices. He was chosen as one of the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ 13 Artist awardees in 2000. His works have been exhibited in New York, Denmark, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Bangladesh, and Hong Kong. She, too, was chosen as one of Cultural Center of the Philippines’ 13 Artists, this time in 2009. Her works have been exhibited at Art Basel in Hong Kong and Art Stage Singapore in 2013.

Joy Mallari — A contemporary painter and visual artist, her exposure to pre-digital animation during her formative years as an artist has inspired her works. She is known for touching topics on identity and marginalization in our society.

Dex Fernandez — A restless artist not to be confined to one medium, he has played around with and manipulated different kinds of media. Some of his works include recreated vintage posters, larger-than-life murals, drawings, and mixed media works which, like his personality, are playful and always make a statement.

Pete Jimenez — A mainstay artist at Art in the Park, his works are crazy arrays of steel in all shapes and forms: sometimes abstract, sometimes in disorienting figures like shoes and cats and happy faces.

Rodel Tapaya and Marina Cruz — Art is a shared experienced, and the husband-and-wife artists best personify this. She won both the grand prizes at the Philippine Art Awards and the Ateneo Art Awards in 2007. She is known for her embroidery and painting and sculptures. He won the APB Signature Art Prize in Singapore in 2011 and participated in the Gwangju Biennale in 2014. He is best known for his paintings.

Geraldine Javier — One of the most celebrated artists in South East Asia, her claim to fame includes her participation at the Prague Biennale exhibit in 2009 and being one of the the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ 13 Artists awardees in 2003.

Charlie Co — Born in 1960, he was first identified in the 1980s as a social realist, later developing an interest in surrealism. The painter and sculptor represented the Philippines in various prestigious international art affairs including Asian Modernism at the Japan Foundation ASEAN Culture Center in Tokyo in 1995 and the 23rd Sao Paolo Biennial in Brazil in 1996.