By Michael Angelo S. Murillo

AFTER TEMPORARILY shutting down to move to another location, the country’s only flying trapeze school is once again up, bigger and more determined than ever to showcase what the “performance-based sport” is all about.

On Dec. 4, Flying Trapeze Philippines’ rig reopened at its new location at Federacion Dr. corner 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

“We always had the intention of moving. The last spot (at BGC South) that we were at was temporary as we were told beforehand that a condominium would be built there,” said Will Hsu, owner of Flying Trapeze Philippines, when asked on the circumstance surrounding the transfer.

Trapeze 1

“The good thing about the new spot is that it is located at the Arts & Culture center of BGC. We’re happy to be here and continue our partnership with BGC. They have been very supportive of out-of-the-box activities like ours,” added Mr. Hsu.

Apart from the trapeze rig at the school’s new location at BGC North, a calisthenics area and trampoline have been set up for students and casual flyers to use.

Mr. Hsu said that they recognize that all these activities are intertwined. He added that eventually a separate class for the calisthenics activity will be offered.

More than a year since opening shop, Mr. Hsu said the business — which initially was brought about by “selfish” reasons since, being a trapeze practitioner himself, he wanted a place where he can fly — has been doing well.

“A year and half and the business has been good. Our problem is not so much the interest anymore as we have a lot of that, but more the weather here, which has been unpredictable, really. We have been running a seasonal activity here but we are hoping that eventually we can make it an indoor activity so that people can still fly even when it rains,” he said.

He added that they wanted to build an indoor facility at the new location but simply did not have enough time.

Trapeze 3

While Mr. Hsu, who hails from Boston, is happy with how things are panning out for the business, he said more can be done.

“It’s really great. It’s something new and people are trying it. But I still want to make it a household name. That they know that there is an activity like this that they can try,” he said.

To help them in this thrust, they have crafted a “frequent-flyer” promo where students can choose a package that suits them and can fly unlimited times.

The package is apart from the rates they offer during weekdays, weekends and holidays.

“We continue to expand with our current packages and our current student base. We are offering frequent flyer packages as we want our students to continue flying with us, without breaking their bank, on a daily or weekly basis. Previously, the feedback we had been getting was that our packages were too expensive. We made it more affordable,” Mr. Hsu said.

The owner said plans are also afoot to bring the activity to more people by linking up with some schools as well as with companies for team-building activities.

“We are linking with some international schools for their after-school activities or for trapeze to be part of their Physical Education program. We are also doing corporate events, offering team-building packages for companies to develop trust and communication. We have done some of that and we intend to do more,” Mr. Hsu said.

As trapeze continues to gain following and generate interest among the Filipinos, Mr. Hsu is more encouraged to promote the activity.

“People are getting it. Initially they didn’t want to do it. But when they get to try it they actually like it. You just have to have an open mind. No experience needed to do this. Anyone can do it.

“See you in the clouds,” he said.

For details contact Flying Trapeze Philippines at 0917-242-0331, its Facebook account or log on to