Art sale for building quarantine facilities

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BID for the Future (BFF) is currently holding an online art sale featuring the paintings of Kenneth Montegrande to raise funds for the construction of COVID-19 Emergency Quarantine Facilities (EQFs).

Mr. Montegrande, a self-taught abstract painter, is the first Filipino and Southeast Asian artist whose works are in the collection of the Contemporary Art Foundation in Tokyo. His works are also part of the Malacañang Palace collection.

The artist’s collection titled Healing Spaces features eight acrylic on canvas paintings of dark horizons with bright clouds. As of April 20, one painting has been sold.

Donors may also donate through an interactive portal where each virus cell illustration corresponds to a donated amount. As of this writing, P4,700 has been raised through the interactive portal.

The raised funds are meant to help Anthology Festival Organization Manila, Inc. build more emergency quarantine facilities in 25 locations around Metro Manila. The facilities are intended to increase hospital capacity for PUIs and help contain the spread of the virus. According to the WTA Architecture + Design Studio website, the temporary structure is simple and “can be built quickly in five days.”

The construction of the first batch of 22 facilities is ongoing while the second batch is also underway.

To view the gallery, visit To donate, visit — Michelle Anne P. Soliman