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Amrop Philippines, headed by President Jun I. Gil (front row, leftmost), celebrates more than 20 years of ethical executive search.

By Mark Louis F. Ferrolino

For 22 years now, Amrop Philippines continues to be the ideal partner of Filipino and multinational corporations in handling senior level appointments, putting great value on process and ethical industry practices. It is one of the 70 partnership offices in 50 countries which represents Amrop Global, regarded as one of the world’s leading retained executive search organizations.

Amrop in the Philippines was founded by Jun Gil in 1995 soon after he took early retirement from the regional HQ of a Fortune 500 company. His last position covered Asia Pacific and because he was based in Singapore, he met Amrop as a client. When he returned to the Philippines for good after some 15 years of various overseas assignments, Mr. Gil set up Amrop Philippines and subsequently invited Patty Gallardo, current Amrop managing director to join him as partner. She came on board in 2000.

“I would say that we have been quite successful in maintaining a stable organization consisting of highly motivated and dedicated professionals. The average tenure of our key people consultants and researchers is around 15 years, making us probably the most stable search organization,” Mr. Gil, who is also the president of Philippine Association of Executive Search Professionals, Inc. (PAESPI), said in an interview with BusinessWorld. “To help develop our staff, we send them to Amrop Conferences overseas where they establish their network, hone their research skills, and develop professionally.”

Amrop Philippines is a leading firm in the retained search segment. Its track record includes more than 90% repeat business, probably the highest in the industry. For Mr. Gil, this high-repeat business rate indicates the outstanding performance and value of excellence carried out by Amrop. “The fact that client companies keep on partnering with Amrop by awarding us multiple searches is an affirmation that Amrop is trusted, reliable and discreet,” he said.

Amrop’s business model involves a retained and exclusive arrangement, similar to the leading global players. It is an ideal arrangement for senior-level positions where confidentiality and seasoned consultants are of utmost importance. Because of its reputation as a highly ethical and trustworthy firm, senior executives more often than not are receptive to having confidential career discussions with Amrop.

“Much of our success in matching executives with client companies is due to the extra mile we go in understanding the ‘context’ of the requirement, i.e. company culture, state of the business, challenges, competition, management style and expectation of the superior, and  all that is to know for candidates to reach a sound decision,” Mr. Gil said.

“We try to understand everything that will help us find the perfect match for the client company,” Mr. Gil said, noting that Amrop is not only context-driven but process-driven as well. “We adhere to our proven processes because it has served us well again and again.”

As a strong advocate of code of ethics and professionalism in the industry, it operates in accordance with Republic Act No. 10173 or Data Privacy Act of 2012 by accepting and processing resumes of corporate executives with utmost confidentiality.

Amrop Philippines is one of the founding members of PAESPI that was formed to help professionalize search firms while curbing malpractices in the industry.