Agoda founder releases short-term rentals handbook

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THE POPULARITY of home sharing around the world has prompted travel industry experts Robert Rosenstein and Peter Allen to write “At Home Around the World,” described as a short-term rentals handbook for guests, hosts, neighbors, and governments.

“Through our conversations with regulators and neighborhood advocates around the world, we realized that governments are struggling with how to understand and anticipate the role that home sharing plays in their cities. As this relatively new industry has emerged, a patchwork of regulations has been created,” Mr. Rosenstein, founder and chairman of online travel giant Agoda Company Pte. Ltd., said in a statement.

Agoda rentals handbook

Agoda is one of the world’s fastest growing online travel booking platforms.

Messrs. Rosenstein and Allen noted that home sharing is contributing significant tax revenues to cities, generating secondary industries and jobs such as cleaning and security services, and boosting earnings of neighborhood businesses.

For instance, the authors estimate the home sharing industry will generate $2 billion in local global tax revenue over the next decade

The book also includes the different government regulations and policies on home-sharing around the world, as well as those being proposed.