Affordable cancer protection with AXA’s Health Start

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Cancer, aside from being among the top diseases that cause death in the Philippines, is also found to be one of the most expensive illnesses to treat.

The out-of-pocket cost for cancer treatment is among the highest, according to the Philippine Cancer Society. Add to that a report by Mercer Marsh Benefits last year revealing that the Philippines is the second most expensive Southeast Asian country in terms of medical expenses.

A medical oncologist who runs a Facebook page dedicated to raising cancer awareness, attests to the financial burden faced by many Filipino cancer patients nowadays.

“I’ve encountered patients who were forced to borrow money from loan sharks to pay for their cancer treatment,” the doctor wrote. “I’ve encountered patients who had to sell whatever few livestock, farm animals, or agricultural lands they have. Some had to stop sending their kids to school. On social media, it is not unusual to see posts about people with cancer or their family members selling various goods on the streets to earn money for their medical funds.”

Cancer indeed does not only bring pain to patients, but it can also sever their hard-earned finances. Worse, cancer can’t be predicted and can attack when you least expect it.

For such an emergency, it is important to have yourself and your family financially prepared. AXA, one of the country’s leading insurance providers, recently introduced a new product that can adequately provide health coverage on critical illnesses like cancer that is easy on the pocket.

AXA Health Start provides coverage for the top three life-threatening illnesses — cancer, heart attack, and stroke — and some of their early stage conditions at very affordable premiums.

Health Start also offers life insurance, ensuring your family will receive the life benefit in case of your untimely demise. Standard premiums paid will also be returned by the age of 75, while the remainder remains to be your coverage for illnesses or death until age 100.

In addition, the policy offers child coverage, with P200,000 benefit for covered child conditions. This is on top of the plan’s overall sum insured.

AXA’s new product has a suitable plan for everyone – from singles to families. Health Start for individuals finely covers critical illnesses. Health Start Family, on the other hand, can be shared between you and your spouse, a parent or adult child (18 years old and above), or a sibling.

Both Health Start plans come with the built-in child benefit coverage and is available for your child now or in the future.

Customers can choose between 10 and 20 years to pay depending on their budgets. Nonetheless, for a minimum monthly payment of as low as P1,500 for Health Start and P1,950 for Health Start Family, you are protected and will be provided the best possible coverage not only for yourself but also for your family with AXA Health Start.

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